Vesc problem red flashing light

So I just got my vesc and configured all the settings. Whenever I pull the throttle all the way, the power slowly decreases until it stops. Then a red light flashes 5 times. I can get it to work again if i turn off the power but it eventually will do it again. Any idea on what this is and can be solved?

Post your settings and pictures of your setup

There is all the pics. I have a 10s3p battery pack, 6374 torque motor, and VESC

I just noticed that I got an error sign that read OVER_TEMP_FET

how do i fix this

Your cutoff start and end are way to high, set the cutoff start at 33V and end 29V

should i leave the max input voltage the same?

Yes leave it at 57V

Your batt max is a little high in my opinion, i would set it to 30A

And set your abolute max at 130A

so i changed all of those settings but still doing the same thing

Is the vesc getting hot to the touch?

no not at all.

i dont have the sensor wire plugged in. Could that be the issue?

No you have it set as sensorless in the bldc tool

okay. I talked to somebody at enertion and they said to go buy a new cord. I dont get how that could be the problem

New cord?? It’s a tb vesc…

tb? what does that mean

I just got it today from diyelectricskateboard