VESC Programming!

Hi I am on the finish stages of my build, programming my VESC. I tried multiple times and watched lots of videos on it but still can’t get it to work. I was wondering if there is any way that anybody could program it for me, thanks.

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what is your problem exactly?

People can guide you, physically programing it for you requires the person having access to your build

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I didn’t word it right in the text above, I’ve tried programming it but I would just rather have someone that knows how to do it 100 percent so I don’t want to ruin my VESC

I’m fine with someone trustworthy having control of my build

i understand that. im asking what setting youve tried and screenshots of BLDC tool

also, @Jammeslu means someone in your house, programming for you

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Oh, ten chars

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Someone no longer on the forum programmed my brothers VESC

if you figure out a way for me to get access to your computer and give me your skype i’ll do it

Ok I will ask my brother how he did it. Do you have an iphone

yes i do…

We could FaceTime

something like teamviewer would work fine for this kind of situation. If you can post screenshots of the 5 important BLDC tool tabs it would be fairly simple to outline the changes you need to make, after you do the motor detection on the BLDC and FOC tabs.

The 5 tabs…

  • Motor Config > Motor
  • Motor Config > BLDC
  • Motor Config > FOC
  • App Config > General
  • App Config > PPM
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you got discord?

Yeah 10chars

you could screen share and hop on the voice channel

cant do it today unfortunately, tomorrow tho

Ok just tell me when, do we need to skype or FaceTime?

nope. discord can do it all. if you enable screen sharing on discord and join the voice chat, itll be just like facetime except, instead of your face, itll be your screen!

Oh I just got to he app on my computer, just let me know when tomorrow. Thanks!

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What’s your discord tag