VESC Setup dual

Hello. I have: Two motors

And two batteries in series

Two VESC from DIY I have installed and connected two VESC CUN . I set up the BLDC mode and both engines work when I press the gas without load.

But when I clamp my hand on the engine and press the gas, moto does not give any effort to scroll.

here are my settings

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What is your maximum current set to? Both battery Max and motor max

Hope this helps:



Yes, I did everything according to the instructions.

The motors spin when the gas is pressed. But if I press the motor with my hand and press the gas, it does not spin, that is, my strength is greater than the effort given by the VESC.

You have to push start uncensored motors to get them going.

Edit: Your motors are uncensored so they don’t know what way to spin So you need to push them in the right direction for them to start, so there’s no surprise that it dont spin, and please don’t screw with your vesc settings LOL.

is selected - sensorless(uncensored)

Everything is fine, What I’m trying to say is your motor does not have sensors It will not Start powerfully on its own hence why Your hand can hold it down. Do you still not Understand?

I do not understand. I have ESC Racerstar, it gives a lot of power and I can not hold it in my hand.

May be changing StartUp Boost parameter, I increased it, it became more powerful?

All I can say is When using Vesc and uncensored motors. you have to give it a small kick to get it going. Some people like a smooth start not 100% gas wheels up So Startup boost is for own preference and If your board rides OK don’t worry about the wheel not spinning when you grip the motor It’s normal.

ok why if I change the settings VESC and save them, then the parameters of the second VESC do not change?

I added a boost from 0.010 to 0.115 this became more powerful, Hell, I still can hold the motor by hand :(((

Ok. he can not move my body weighing 96 kg

Nice But be careful with Vesc settings If the Vesc pulls more amps that It can handle It could blow! So after changing this setting the board does not even start after a small push?

the startup boost should not be higher than 0.05. please lower it if you want to keep your vescs.

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@Ingvarjedi Revert your settings Like @grecoman Said. Vesc’s Is different don’t expect the Startup to work the same as your esc OK?

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That sounds like the traction control that’s built in. Try disabling this and test once again.

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this dude is gonna blow his VESCs and wonder what happened


Where that?

Hahahah may be))