VESC setup on P42A 12s4p /Stormcore 60d+

Watching some tutorials and im already lost on parameters i need to input, cant find what im looking for online even tho this is a common build/config

What do I input in the curial areas in these screenshots, im good on everything else except this. New stormcore do i have to update any firmware or can i just start with autoconnect?

Im using a 12s4p Molicel P42A battery pack Brand new Stormcore 60D+ with Hoyt Puck 6374 motors - eovan branded but i assume flipsky equivalent

33 22e 11

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I have the exact same setup. Ill take screenshots of my settings when my kid goes to sleep. For a while ive been using settings shown on the Stormcore web page. I would definitely update firmware for the VESC first thing.

Btw Im no pro so you can take my settings with a grain of salt but they’ve worked for 18 months for me. Im interested in hearing other opinions as well.

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I see you have 0.1 for negative/positive ramping time. This was a setting i was told to raise as im getting some issues. Is your board smooth after letting off the throttle? Mine is terrible

I upped neg ramping to about 0.5-0.6 and it felt better, was doing some laps around the block; the board was feeling great, then i got launched going like 30km/h. Super mad at myself for barely wearing any gear…almost happened again as i was limping my way home

Upped the negative ramping to 0.8, and the positive to 0.6 and the feeling is still there, super dangerous.

trying to pinpoint it I did a moderate acceleration and instead of staying on the throttle slightly, i let off which is where the board decides to ramp down the speed by a lot, enough to send you flying forward at even lower speeds. If i stay on the throttle, its smooth; which is where i quickly gained confidence…

Almost feels like it ramps down for a moment then goes up, then down, then up, a jittery feeling after letting off the throttle.

so far all i found online is to “Reduce braking current or disable regen by throttle?”

Ive honestly never noticed too much of a difference by messing with ramping. I set it to 0.1 because i felt like my board takes off to smoothly and slowly…kinda wanted more of a torquey responsive feeling.

Are you using belts? Are they way too tight if so? Tight belts can cause the board to abruptly slow down when letting off throttle.

completely different issue. the board is briefly braking, even when im not touching the throttle, vesc is running fine but i guess i got a motor issue on my hands

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Oh holy crap man, now i see what youre saying. That may be a motor issue or sensor issue. Have you tried sensorless to see if it changes?

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This whole thing has pretty much been sensorless after I abandoned them since i could not fit in the enclosure. I had one motor not work beyond the detection - did some resoldering and unplugging and got it working.

Tried a bunch of settings so now im googling “motor randomly braking” to see what i can find. Got some other motors coming in the meantime but i almost need this ones to work…

Dang…i wish i had more ideas. I temporarily had an issue where my brakes would only work about 50% or less and i almost crashed a few times when i couldnt slow down. I never was able to figure out what was causing that either but it went away after a few weeks…cant remember if i changed a setting or what.

Seems like this is what im experiencing

Yah the only other thing i can think of is possibly a problem with the remote receiver losing connection. Is your deck carbon fiber?

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yes but receiver is on the outside.

Im doing the same throttle flicks on this PPM setup screen; is it normal for it to go negative like this? Streamable Video Making me think that this is whats causing the braking

I have a set of new 6384 motors im going to do the same tests with tomorrow to see if i can get it to happen again

Im leaning more toward a motor problem since my hoyt remote is from my lacroix board which i never had a issue with.

Update - tried with the 6384 and its smoother but i cant believe it still happens… is this a remote issue? it worked fine for over a year on my lacroix…is it the ESC?

Leaves me to believe its a remote issue. Only thing ive done to the receiver itself prior to it working great for 1year+, was i extended the cables by a bit so i can route it thru my enclosure. My solder joints are perfect and the remote runs smooth.