Vinyl printing and custom decks for sale, please help

Hi,I have a friend who is doing a small vinyl and customised deck business. I told him about esk8 and said there might be some people who would want it. He is a great artist and designer. Before he starts selling them he wants to know I found there isn’t any want for them. He would let you choose the board you would like for the custom deck. If people want then he will upload some of his work and you can start buying. Lastly please also say what kind of price he could get for the decks and vinyls

Thank you very much


  • Yes I would be interested in buying as vinyl
  • No I would not be interested in buying a vinyl

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  • Yes I would be interested in buying a custom deck
  • No I would not be interested in buying a custom deck

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We want pictures of work, references of past customers, photos/description of process.

If you want it to pimp your boy’s work, then pimp it. Dont just throw a few words out and expect progress. Work with me here man lol.


Just want to know if there’s is any interest in it at the moment

Think that the circumstance is that he is a good artist and he does a fair price (tell me what kind of amount is fair) then would you buy one

We cant have interest if we dont know what we’re trying to be interested in… Work with us bruv


He has never done a deck before therefore before starting them out he would like to know if there is interest

What else can I say

Do you want picture so of some other artwork or vinyl he has done

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… You see my hesitation now?


As in he has done good work before on things similar

Will edit description

I asked for thise in my first comment… Do you need to sit closer to the front of the class?

Jeez :sob::sob:

If anyone wants to sell any kind of good or service here, pictures of previous work or any example of pedigree are graciously accepted. To come in here and offer services for a job that he’s never done before, especially one that is only semi-related, is low-key wack.


Will ask him for some pictures of artwork he has done

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I will get him to do a custom design on a cheap board if anyone can’t send me a picture of what you would like him to try and do then please send one to me(serious ones only)

Theres always going to be interest in custom decks built for esk8. The answer is yes. The question is why go to your buddy for the service.

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Just what I said I will ask him to do tomorrow

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You should have him do one for you. That way you can promote his services.


K will do so and is vinyl the same thing

Or is there no interest in that

There’s interest in vinyl I think. People just want to see his work first on a skateboard to see if they like it.

K will send picture tomorrow

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Anyone know how much a custom deck would cost (if it is very good art)

Hmmm it really depends on the quality.