Vinyl printing and custom decks for sale, please help

Then around how much

I more meant the quality of the deck. Then most people would pay around 50-100 for a vinyl that they pick design, color, and where the vinyl is (the price I noted is not including a custom deck)

k thanks and for a custom deck without the decks price just for customisation how much…

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What dose that include? Just a blank deck with a large vinyl sticker? Are you sealing the vinyl and adding grip? if so how?

Just vinyl sticker sealed down onto the deck

Then how does one add grip?

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Either just hexagons of griptape or vinyl on underside of deck

I don’t see the vinyl holding up like that very well. And the underside of my decks are typically 90% enclosure if possible.

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How would you do any sort of custom board then

The only way is to do small squares or hexagons of griptape

or glass frit :slight_smile:



Agreed 10cha

It would be sweet to see that glass frit used in some art work to transfer to the deck tho

How was this one done


Glass frit is the answer to custom decks but… epoxy and vinyl don’t work great together.

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The epoxy really needs to soak into the wood. Theres a few spots on mine that didn’t seal into the wood so i have air pockets that will probably break at some point. Cloth is better.

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I don’t really get how glass frit works

Can someone explain

I thought epoxy would be easier and better

Wait wait wait! You sure are asking a lot of questions for someone that is looking for a friend… Seems fishy bruv


Its epoxy with bits of broken glass tossed in as it hardens. You can use different grades of glass as well as different colors. You can hardly see mine because its clear glass.

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If I could draw I would have been doing this long ago believe me the 90% I am getting is no where near enough

Can you send a link to where I can get it and how to apply