Vinyl printing and custom decks for sale, please help

Nope lol. I gave you the answers. Theres at least three threads explaining how to apply. I don’t have time to hold your hand all day.


K thanks will upload pictures later on

I have a feeling its going to be one of those days lol


I’m being real here. You come here checking for interest of a product, without pictures and without experience in this field. Saying your friend does the job… He doesn’t have internet and can’t make an account and post his previous work? That’s just crazy lazy and snake oil. Then you ask the most basic question without searching for anything in the forum. We have more than 3k threads, there is a ton of priceless info here.

Your friend can not request money before product is made because he/you are not Level 3 member.

And don’t give the excuse that you’re 14yo, there are young members here that understand how forum works.

My advice: search before you ask, and if you need to ask, search again.



My friend asked if I could seek out any interest he will come on the forum once he starts

He is not asking to be paid before work

I understand you want pictures therefore I will give you some

I am trying to see what the best way to execute this for him would be as he has never done a skateboard before

I am just trying to help him

I meant to ask, did you do a thin coat of epoxy on the board first? My wife owns a vinyl business and we epoxy and resin over a lot of stuff.

Nice sticker :wink:

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No I used some good adhesive. I also did relief Cuts anywhere I could hide them between colors and stickers in hopes of the epoxy would soak through. And the majority of my stickers weren’t actually vinyl but paper and still the results aren’t going to last. I think if the stickers were laid down as the epoxy was drying rather than before the epoxy was applied the results might be better

If you ever start over, let me know. 671 is marine grade vinyl. I wonder if that would help or hurt :thinking:

I sent you 651 permanent and 631 is removable.


I don’t even have a thread dedicated to selling what I do for decks and I get people coming to me all the time.

Do something before you sell something. Even for a friend.

Here are some examples of MY WORK… not cheap, and I don’t want to write you a how to…

Try better next time.

If he is that good, tell him to do some stuff first. If it is quality shit, people will want it. If it is not, they won’t.

Also, do not buy some shit decks and scribble on them and try to sell it.

Another tip, start with a tried and true deck that people are already using for esk8 and has enclosures readily available.

@venom121212 i did the epoxy and frit on skunks deck. It really needs to be fabric of some kind to saturate if you want it to really last. Still cool though.

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Show off :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


This thread is weird @Halbj613. My gut tells me you’re just a kid and don’t how a sale works or how to attract business. If you want interest in a product, you need to show the product. Or at least some type of work that applies from the artist to either show skill, quality, ect… So far you’ve done none of the sort. I’m going to speak for EVERYONE here and say there is absolutely no interest in a product that doesn’t even exist. This is vaporware as it is so far.

Lets see some pics already. :wink:


No shit Sherlock :rofl:


Nice gallery Tim :relieved:


@Skunk I don’t even think placing the decals in the b cure stage would help a ton.

It would help the decals lifting off the deck, but bubbles through use will still occur above the decal between it and the top layer of epoxy/resin.

The answer is doing the desing work in photoshop and then getting it printed to fabric and then skinning that to the deck.


I should have read that age first, my tone would have been… softer.

I am just bitter and trapped in a micro terminal for 6 hours in a Texas airport.


Hahaha. I always forget to check profiles. At least my kid gauge is still on point.

Thanks Dad! :wink:

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Its coming have no fear


Yeah i wanna try that method next time. I plan on replacing this deck (33x9) with the 36x10 version at some point.

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Should throw a layer of CF on the bottom too so there is less flex and more room for the inserts.

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Yes please!! Hopefully with bigger wb ill have better enclosure options too.