Vote your favorite Carbon Fiber Deck with Integrated Enclosure

I have a couple of requests that I should make CF deck just like enertion’s or evolve’s. I love to design one and make one look at it but when it comes to the ride, it might NOT so’ll be stiff/hard and cracks easily with the hollow inside.

What about the price? is it budget friendly? No. I was surprised that enertion pull it off under $400.That’s only possible in China.

I’d like to hear your thoughts and who wants to pay $400 for it.

For the design,I have great ideas.


I’d gladly pay good money for a quality Carbon deck. I think enclosures are one of my weakest points when building a board. I like the idea of an integrated enclosure.


Certainly tempting. Would love to see some designs if you decide to go ahead with this

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dont tell me you make ducati 1198 carbon parts?

im running a 1198SP on the racetrack :heart_eyes:

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crowd source the demand for designs, there is definitely a market for this if you can pull of the production.

i really like the look of wood, which is why i’m drawn to the carbon underneath / wood on top type decks, so not sure i’d be one to buy, but hell if you make it sexy and easy and it looks like those parts, i think a lot of people would start liking CF!

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Right. You have DUCATI I used to make some parts but NOT these.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: It shouldn’t be too hard if you have the parts to make a mold from.

I guess the design is the big factor to like it but it’s very personal.

This would be amazing. There is defo a need for that for people who have not enough equipment at home.

Design A


Played with it a little after work. I would appreciate for your inputs and ideas.

I just hate the shape of Enertion’s deck. This one looks good.


looks great, reminds me a lot about the alien cf deck though! what do you use for designing?

problem is that, while the board promises smooth vanguard flex purely from looks, it will be a stiff plank! you could be the worlds first to make a flexible carbon deck with incorporated battery!! for example with a segmented enclosure or front/rear compartments!

It’s fusion 360 using sculpt mode.

I haven’t seen alien cf deck . Do you have the link? I googled it but there are too many alien skateboards shops.

Yeah, it’s definitely vanguard inspired. I like it that much.

It has to be stiff. It’ll be awesome if it is flexible. I even bought the flexible resin to try.


Love the idea - have a Marbel and like the low-profile incorporated electronics. Your CF is gorgeous, so look forward to seeing what you craft!

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Wow! that’s right. it looks similar. Thanks for the link!

Marbel! That’s a good one. I just looked it up.

Design B.


I second LEVer. Dropthrough.

What I would really like is some good slim CF enclosures. The size of Enertion’s Space Cell is great except that it’s too long if you have a smaller pack and the buttons and inputs are on the bottom instead of the side. Make 2 different sizes of streamlined CF enclosures and I’d definitely be down to drop a bill on one.

@torqueboards is coming out with a deck very similar to the carbon gt, not sure if it’s drop down though. Looks very promising, though probably not a high end product like @MasterCho is talking about