[W2B] Pre-built kit

Hi, looking for a kit to add to my board I already have. Been looking at DIYeboards but I’m not sure if they are reliable and was thinking that maybe someone on here sells kits.

Would it also be better to individually purchase parts from people on this site? My budget is around $500

Thank you.

I have something in the works right now…

I will release a Kit very soon that is the best thing you can get in the price point, with the customer service to back it up. You can sign up for the mailing list to enter to win a free kit when they are launched


Try here too. Very good quality kit. Great service and back up.


Any reviews on the kit itself?

Maytech has a spring sale going. The same ad can be found on their aliexpress page

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If you mean the build kit boards kit it’s not out yet so there’s no reviews of it that I know of. If it’s a combination of the parts he sells now they’re well reviewed in many of the build threads here. He sells high quality stuff and he stands behind it. It’s a safe bet that it’ll be very good.

If you mean the haggy kit it is also excellent and Timo the owner is great to deal with. You’ll need to find electronics to go with it, the haggy kit is just drive assembly and wheels.

Good luck!


Maytech have that hub kit for 289 for forum members only for this month.

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No battery? http://www.diyeboard.com/10s5p-360wh-battery-esc-dual-motor-belt-drive-power-truck-kit-p-590.html have been looking at this one though.

Oh your right. I didnt even notice the price difference in the link. Do you have the correct link?

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You don’t want to deal with that guy. image

That kit is very poorly reviewed


Diyeboard sells crap that sometimes never arrives those trucks have a major issue where they snap in half, and the battery is poorly built with cheap cells. Its pretty much a forum rule to avoid diyeboard. If you want, i can build a 10s pack for you

Think its on a post somewhere. I have high friends in low places so I’ll enquire.

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Search before buying anything from diyeboards, they are a known scammer.


Thank you bro, I appreciate that but its fine, I think I do not have all the tools to weld stuff together etc. which is why I prefer to buy a pre-built kit and simply drill/put it together that way.

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Think you’ll struggle getting a kit for your budget. Best buy it in part kits. Drivetrain kit. Electronics kit etc. Spread the cost.

What about the Meepo v2 Kit?

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Its alright, but a bit underwhelming. Whats your aversion to making your own simple setup?

Mainly lack of tools and work space.

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You dont need hardly any tools for a simple build. Its all modular and if you dont want to fabricate. You really dont need to. The hardest part will be mounting an enclosure tbh. My cheapest build went together in 4 hours start to finish

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You know what? There is nothing wrong with the meepo. Established company with good back up and the v2 is fun. For a first board its a good option for the price. By getting the kit version you will get a taste for the build but you will always keep that thing because it will keep on going.