Want to have a good time in Munich

Recently arrived in Munich with a couple of friends while doing a Euro Trip and was wondering if there were any e-skaters in Munich who are up for grabbing a couple of beers and having a good time? :slight_smile:


Beautiful city

Oh a rip through marienplatz would be hella awesome!!!

And a stroll through the English garden :eyes:

Hope you have a killer trip man!!!

Would love to come but its 300KM :frowning: also please remember that eskates are illegal in Germany - be careful and try to “fly under the radar”

huh ?? why would they be illegal ??? is there a notice of such ???

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This thread is now just for the meet up. If you want to talk about German esk8 laws head to the other thread.

There was a pretty good Mexican restaurant when I was there…I wonder if it’s still there?

If it is…it’s pretty good!

Where is it then? xD

Buried in Marienplatz…

It was dark when I went lol

if youre talking about Sausalitos, I went there too! I got a burger and chips in a sombrero with so many chips it covered the hat. located on Tal 16, 80331 München, Germany and they got tequila

as a starter for a night out and for someone who never been to munich before I suggest a visit @ http://www.hofbraeuhaus.de/ it’s super touristic but to the same there is always a bunch of locals hanging out too :smiley: not to forget that they will serve you a beer in a proper glass and some fat food which makes a good base for more beer!