Watt Hour to Mile Estimates 15-25WH per Mile, is that fair?

Hi Everyone, I am trying to come up with a general estimate how what range you can modestly expect when you have a certain watt hour battery. I understand that it will greatly depend on the configuration of the board and ESC, but I was wondering if i used 15 to 25 WH per mile, if that was a fair estimate?

An example: 10s4p Samsung 30q = 432WH = ~17.28 to 28.8 miles?

17.28(25WH per mile), and 28.8(15WH per mile)

Can you give us your weight (board + you + gear), wheels, power system, and terrain?

As reference, I’m getting 13Wh/mi using PU hubs on flat ground and moderate acceleration, 150lbs total

Low as 8 while cruising and high as 16 around hills max power

I was just thinking about a general number. Not particularly for me or my board. Like if my friends ask how much range a 10s4p would give them, I would say something like 17-28 miles depending on many factors

I’d say 10Wh/mi for small boards to 40Wh/mi for AT behemoths…25 is good average though

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Yes. Very fair.

Also, if you ride your board like it’s a musclecar, you’ll be at the top end. If you ride your board like it’s an analog, and treat the motors as ski-lifts (nod to @dareno) then you will get the highest range possible. Most folks I think are somewhere in between those two. I average about 19Wh/mi (12Wh/km)


Thanks man! Very helpful. I also get in between that range. I did some simple reality checking to make sure it fit me too.

i average 40 Wh/mile on the raptor 2 i believe, but that was when i was full throttle the whole time

You think I should revise the number to 40wh/mile?

sorry meant miles *edited it

I average around 50wh/mile and 60+ when going hard


My electric scooter uses a 36V 13Ah battery (468Wh) and can get upwards of 30 miles of range.

Then again I only weight like 100lbs, and the scooter’s tires are pumped up to 45 PSI.

I think my friend got upwards of 25miles on a 12s4p Samsung 30Q battery, dual drive 6355. He weights ~220lbs.

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I have the Raptor 2.1.

Medium Cruising, Flatroad, 88kg: 33Wh/Mile


My raptor hubs consume 29-37 wh per mile. I even have the data logs to back that up.

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What about average diy boards?

My MBS mountain board uses a little less than 30 Wh/mi or 19Wh/km under close to worst case flat street riding conditions, e.g., lots of hard acceleration (flooring it up to 30+mph), hard braking, stop signs/lights. So, I’d say that any street board on urethane should be well below this consumption unless you’re tackling lots of hills, weigh significantly more than my 200lb riding weight or are trying to break a land speed record.

my mono drive, dog runner draws 7Wh/mi

dual drive street carver draws 18Wh/mi - aggressive riding, with hills

dual drive pnumatic draws 25Wh/mi - aggressive riding, with hills

There’s no such thing as an average DIY board. Your wh/mile is dependent on rider weight, road conditions, configurations of the board, what wheels are on the board, how much throttle is applied, cruising speed, etc etc.


what number would you use if someone asked how much range they would get with a 489WH battery?

20Wh plus minus 5Wh for urethane wheels

40Wh plus minus 5Wh for pnumatic wheels

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charge battery, turn on a gps app, go out and ride until your batteries dies… use that number.