Weird choice: Boosted board vs eskating dual beast

I want to buy an electric board and have narrowed it down to these boards:

Boosted board V2 Dual+ with the extended range battery and dual beast (link for those not familiar with a 10s4p battery.

I know that these boards are completely different The boosted board is a polished product that is lightweight, reliable, best remote and has decent performance but it also has a short range (even with the extended range battery) and I would prefer bigger wheels. The dual beast has more power, looks almost like a finished product (compared to other diy boards) and seems to be made from quality parts. I like the fact that should a part fail in the future I am not tied to a specific brand to procure spare parts as in the case of the boosted board and I can also program the escs to my liking. Finally the seller is in Italy and since I am in Greece (both EU countries)it makes shipping etc simpler. The biggest con is the weight which is 11kg with the 10s battery (and 12kg with the 12s5p) almost twice the weight of the boosted board.

I have also considered other boards such as the evolve GTX but it seems to have reliability problems with the remote and the battery seems not to last as much. Finally it uses proprietary parts like the boosted board.

Can you guys help me choose? Does any of you have experience with the eskating dual beast or its components? Final cost for both boards including shipping, taxes etc is 1500€ .

Finally another question. The boosted board has a 200Whr battery and the Evolve GT a 234Whr battery. The boosted board claims a range of 12 miles whereas the evolve gt 21 miles. I honestly can’t see how such a difference is possible (considering the boasted board uses less powerful motors) unless Evolve runs the battery down to lower voltages which is never good for a LiPo or any type of Li-Ion cell.


get the beast, because landyachtz evo


Boasted board has to be one of the best typo I’ve ever seen !


Get the Dual Beast from Alberto! It´s heavier because of a much bigger battery and much more power than the other boards, also bigger wheels weight more :wink: Also if you have any questions or problems @fottaz is directly there for you :wink:

Get the Beast :slight_smile:


Evolvs 21 miles are bullshit :slight_smile: with 234 Wh you would get like 20 km:)

Simple question: what do you want from your board? Do you want short distance commuter to travel to store and back, recharge, to work and back, recharge, to school and back?

Or do you want beast that can conquer any hill, push a car or two, run to work to home to store and back again on single charge and still have 60% of battery left? :open_mouth:

Both of them are made around really nice and comfortable deck, both are made of quality parts…

In case something goes wrong and your board will stop working, it will be much easier to repair the Eskating beast than sending bosoted somewhere (IDK if they have reapairer in europe yet)…

I would go for the beast :slight_smile: The only ting I would change are the 97mm clone wheels :frowning: ABEC11 75a would be the way to go :slight_smile:

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You’d have to have a very specific use case to go for the ‘boosted’ board. If you fly very frequently and have to have a light board then maybe, just maybe you could justify it.

The Evo on the other hand… It’s better in every other regard. The battery alone has over 6x the fucking capacity! Idk what debate there is to have :wink:


Wow, instant responses.Thanks guys. My commute to work is 10km but I intend on using the board for fun also. Most of the times I have to take my car since I need to get out of the office mid day to go to a client and some other times I use my Brompton. 20km round trip means I will have to pack the charger if I get the boosted board. I really like the dual beast, the only thing that holds me back is the weight which is even heavier than my Brompton. Of course battery capacity comes with a weight penalty as was stated. So far it seems the beast is ahead in the race. Keep your opinions coming.

Having similar thoughts…

I do love my Trampa. It’s performance exceeds my current ability by a fair margin, and with the ABEC 107s it’ll even tackle riding over short grass pretty well. Probably get 20-25km out of a charge. However, I rode it to the tram stop one day and carried it in on a tram for the rest of the way, this felt like a lot of hard work. At 12kg it’s a lot to lug around.

Not that I’d go for the boosted… Subconsciously I believe I’m using this to justify board no2, a lightweight DIY.

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I would get the beast! Great quality kit and you’ll get great service from Alberto at Eskating.


You guys so kind, thanks to everybody here. I hope the Dual Beast will fit your needs @taz, also I offer 1 year warranty now, for any manufacturing issues. I’m here near you and you can easily upgrade any part :wink:


And @taz, with the Handle you should be able to take it around pretty easier. I’ll install it for free, you can remove it if needed.


I use kayak handles on my longboards too and they are priceless. On the shortboards I use drawer handles under the nose.


I’ll go for Alberto; no doubt !


alberto FTW!

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Well Alberto it is then. I am off to his site to decide on the options + spare parts. :wink:


Order placed. I put in a few additional parts such as: a set of replacement belts, a set of 100mm AT wheels to try in addition to the 97mm ABEC clones on the board, an extra fast charger, handle etc. Now for the long wait till it comes.


that eskating board will outperform the boosted 10 times in every view


my extra powerful single motor out perform boosted, it does 3200w at pick, with 40km range with abec97mm, still only $700 total. that’s less than half prce of the boosted.


Good choice!

@fottaz my 10% provision as always via paypal please :monkey:

@taz Thanks for making this thread. It’s been very useful for me as I’m close to pulling the trigger on the Evo but can’t decide on battery - which battery size did you go for? and which remote?

I think the 10S4P will be enough for me but I think that if I’m spending that much, may as well go all out for the 12S5P.

Tbh, I’d jump at a pre-built single motor landyachtz evo with a 10S4P under 1000EUR. Would be perfect for me as a beginner but the current price difference makes sense to go for the dual-motor kit. Probably huge overkill haha :slight_smile:

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