We're making an electric skateboard, here are the specs. What do you think?

Top Speed - 40-45 km/hr Range - 40km Weight - around 10kg 6000 Watts of power from 2 motors that are belt driven 0-40km/hr in 3.5 seconds in “Track Mode” PCB’s are custom-designed. Internals will be completely unique, not cheap chinese components. All components integrated into the deck. Deck will have a wooden finish (bamboo most likely). To a bystander, it will look like a normal longboard. Traction control through an electronic differential. Sleek and ergonomic controller with an OLED screen.

What are your thoughts? Any suggestions, comments and criticism is appreciated!

k traction control can be achieved through canbus connection between the 2 esc’s.

Use a vesc.

i wanna see how this deck will look. might be similar to the HAYA deck?

You can use a firefly remote

Please do more than 1hr reading on here



Pictures or stop talking about it


It’ll be similar-ish to the HAYA deck, yeah. The idea is the same though, completely CNC’d and fully integrated.

I’m a new member, i’m sure i’ll reach that 1 hour reading soon :slight_smile:

What’s a firefly remote?

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We’re working on a prototype, and i’d love to post pictures for the community later on when it’s done.

I just wanted to hear from the esk8 community on the specs, to verify that we’re on the right track! Do you have any thoughts?

dude the thing is

this is good and all but you have no “specs”. all you’ve mentioned is what it’ll do and not what it’ll contain or be constructed with.


no hard feelings just the post the way it is sorta tells us nothing


Battery size, what size motors, what size wheels, what kind of wheels… See where we’re going?


+1 for @mynamesmatt , your specs tell us absolutely nothing


What you said you want to do, has already been done in previous builds. It’s possible. So no feedback needed since you didn’t make anything yet


(i know it seems like we’re all flaming you here but we’re not i promise. It’s “consecutive criticism” :wink: You need to do some reading. and from that you will learn how to achieve your desired goals. We’re not a crowd of bullies I promise :blush:)


No worries, thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

I will get some more detailed specs and post back here by tomorrow!

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Look forward to it my friend

Or, you could do the reading we suggested and find builds simular to your build and compare and contrast. Like it was already said, you’re really not doing anything new that hasn’t already been done before. Unless you make it hover. Then we can talk


‎ Blitzer


I guess that your going to use a 12s6p of 30q cells?


‎ shhhh


Feed back

It sonds as tho it’s a start of a es8board. That’s as much as I can say with the detail you have provided so fare!

How are you going to get the 6000 Watts of power from the motors?

Curious if there’s any thought behind this or if you’re just posting motor watt rating times two?

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There’s a sticker on them duh