What are the better prebuilt battery packs out there?

For my battery solutions in the past I either built my own pack or used lipos.

Thinking of a new build and this time I want it to look cleaner and the ease of just buying a prebuilt pack is really attractive to me.

I don’t mind paying a little more but I am looking for:

Built in bms Power indicator Power switch USB ports Proper enclosure for it

Any suggestions?

I can make one for you, but according to your list its gonna cost you$$

@psychotiller, @torqueboards, @longhairedboy, @willpark16, @barajabali… All these guys and more make batteries.

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My packs are “bring your own enclosure” which most are i expect.

If you’re looking for an all in one universal battery in a case with room for other stuff you may have missed the boat on the Space Cell Pro, an enertion product that led to the current enertion sled which isn’t a DIY available solution really unless you’re a pro builder and can find a way to cleverly extract a couple from them through some kind of deal or proposal.

The DIY community needs something like this again. I will definitely have something eventually but its too early for me yet. I still haven’t found a reliable direct supplier of 30Q cells for a reasonable price per cell at 1000+ unit quantities. then probably a couple years from now the 30Q will be the 25R and somethig else will be the 30Q and we’ll have to start over. I’ve heard about them, but the hunt takes resources i can’t fully deploiy at the moment because of my workload. The quotes i’m getting are still stupid. But when i do, and when i finally get my new nickel bus plates made, it will happen.

Somebody step up. I don’t have time, i’m too busy building the craziest fucking boards people can think of.


There’s definitely a gap in the market for this now,as there are people that want plug and play and don’t want to be drilling/cutting there enclosure themselves. @12meterkuk you might be better off looking in the used section for a spacecell pro battery or put out a wanted post.


@longhairedboy have you tried nkon? I ordered some 30qs awhile back and the prices were pretty sweet

I can make you an enclosure and fit meters and switches etc.

I’ve been using @willpark16 batteries with @psychotiller enclosures and they’re great. He even came up with a custom solution for a 12s4p where the cells are stacked so it’s less than 20" in length

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Thanks for the offer Ben, I’ll keep that in mind when I get around to ordering the parts for my next build

We (Rocket Boards) have invested in a resistance soldering iron and will be offering some high performance 30t battery packs with a custom made bms specifically made for the VESC, usb ports, lighted power switch, small charge port, and in an enclosure, in the near future.


Do you have a site yet? cant seem to find you guys on google


yeah i plan on using that new open source BMS too, i’ve got four of them on the way to me now for testing.

That thing is the final piece for me as far as internals. Then its time to get the remotes sorted.

I’m debating on making my own via soldering (I don’t have a spot welder) or getting some prices on here for some 12s1p packs for the inboard m1. If you make batteries shoot me a pm with a price and details.

Edit. Looking for spot welded with bms. I’ve priced this out to build it myself it will cost about 100 bucks

To build a 12s 1p it will cost you $100?

Roughly 5 bucks a cell and 40 for a 12s bms so yeah.

I do have a space cell 10S3P with broken screw holes and broken lcd display maybe for sale. Hit me up

Yea I’d say a bit more than 100 you need a charger, led, discharge port, more than likely an antispark switch and nickel strip, spotweld welding will cost more but if you can’t solder properly you will damage cells

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i am developing a antispark switch that would be controlled directly by my remote also by a pushbutton, with added functions to control brake lights as soon as you hit brakes

I’ve been working with lipos in large scale rc for many many years now. I can solder better than most. I build custom high end racing drones as a little side biz.


making them myself isn’t an issue. I have chargers capable of powering a 12s pack but can only balance up to 8s so hense why I need the bms board as well. Just curious for prices. I’ve done my homework. I’ve built and repaired many a Lipo pack so these cells will be a breeze compared to actual lipos.