What burns out the esc

will going up a big hill burn my esc? will it damage it?

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Depends on the esc. The only way to damage the esc is over voltage (adding a 13s battery on a maxium 12s esc), sometimes just plugging the esc without a loopkey antispark to lower the current sparks can also burn it out. Shorting some connectors can also do that.

But riding up a hill won’t always do that. Unless your esc cannot give more than its rated amps and you’re over doing it (happened to mine. Overheated it doing that). Just don’t add 60A+ motor current to a 50A esc. 50 is the max and won’t overheat quickly.

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how will that burn the esc tho if my motor is 60amp but the esc is 50 amp

wouldint it just not work

It’ll work, it just burns out after a while.

what does?

It will still pull the amps, it will just heat the esc faster.

is that bad for esc?

how do you know how much amps is my motor?

AliExpress TZT 6S 24V Electric Skateboard Controller Dual Motor Driven Type with Remote ESC Substitute

how much amps is this esc and what protections does it have? can you copy and paste the specs?

It’s in the name.

-6s battery

-Multiple Protections:

*It features low-voltage alarm function, under-voltage and power-failure protections

Max amps would probably be 50A or less. Its an lingyi esc.

is undervoltage an issue? and how do i know how much amps my motor is its this one Robot or human?

can i use a 24s esc and connect it to a 20v battery w/ no issues ever?

mate poat your questions on here.

A new post for every question is not necessary.

I cant gey esc to work