What charger are you using for 12s7p

Hi Everyone I used the charger for battery support but the shipping killing What charger are you using for a 12s7p Thank you

Regular are 2 amp chargers and most people with big batteries use 4amp charger and a few use 5amp chargers.

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Thank you I know I when to know is if I can find the same charger on battery support but cheaper bc the charger is 54$ but shipping is 60$ Is crazy

This is the one I’m using :+1:t2:

Look what I found on AliExpress


I am using a YZ Power charger, works pretty well, and it has an internal fan.

Ok cool and what plug are you using for the charging port and where I can buy it Thank you

I am using a standard XT-60 connector but there are many connectors on ebay that would work too

@atenner @ShutterShock Did you take them apart to check if voltage and amperage are adjustable?

I just checked and it is not. Not really surprising at the price point I bought it at.

I’ve not checked mine, I’ll get a look

i dont really want to open a new thread sincei have the same question, what chargers are people using for their 12s builds. i came across this charger but it states 50.4v and 44.4v, though im using 30Q cells in 12s7p config and that comes to 3.7v per cell if it really does charge to 44.4v is their a charger similar to this one that anyone would recommend. or would this charger be fine to use ?

Get a 50.4v charger. That means that it is charging every cell to 4.2, which is what you want @krazor

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so this charger here will work fine for 12s pack i want to build https://www.amazon.com/50-4V-Charger-Li-ion-Battery-Auto-Stop/dp/B0751FQKTW

Thank you in advanced

Yup. Definitely get a 4-6amp charger for 7p. Otherwise it will take a lifetime. I uae a 5 amp charger on 6p

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would you be able to link me the charger you use please. im having trouble finding any above 4 amp most are 1.5-3 amp

Yeah conservatively that’s like 800Wh or 210Ah at 3.7V or about 16Ah at 50V so if you charge at 16A it would be 1C charge rate and would take about an hour at 5A you’re looking at a bit over 3 hrs (16/5), lower you go longer you’ll need to wait to actually fill it up. Maybe not an issue if you charge overnight but I like to be conscious and not too far when juicing things up.

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Waouks on Amazon has a 5a charger. You might have to change the plug on it

I use a 8a charger on my 8p

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I forget who but somebody on here was using a 24 amp charger on graphenes… madness :joy:


yeh defiantly not… 1c for lipos is well and truly enough unless they are multiple packs in para i would like to go to 8-10 amp but that type of charger will be pretty pricey and i probably would be better off using a balance charger since it will be far cheaper lol