What charging plug are you used one your board

Hi guys What charge port on your board are you using The XLR AC jack 5.5 2.1 mm … And if you have a link it will be the best thank you

I use the 2.1mm jack

What charge you have
Thank you

Luna cycle charger for 36v

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I have 50.4 v I don’t know if the jack will work for me

I don’t know if the jack will work for me I have changer 50.4v

Look up what jacks can handle your voltage

I look and all the jack is 30v

I look but all jack is The rated load: 5A DC30V

Do you have the link for this one Thank you

This is what I used…


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No I don’t you should be fine with the colts as you need to be careful about how many amps it can handle

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The one a look The rated load: 5A DC30V My charger is 4A 50.4 I have 12s battery Do you think it will work or no Thank you

You should be able to find a 12s charger. Just look google 12s battery charger.

I have the charge The think I whant to know is If I take this jack If it will work with the charger want I plus it and nothing burn

What charger are you using Charger for 12s 50.4v 4A

This on i want to used With a charger 4A 50.4 v Is a charger for 12s

C300 body chargers…

What battery you have

The 54.6v kind

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