What degree trucks do you use?

I bought 50 degree caliber 2 trucks to start my board, but I found that my board added 4 degrees on top of that. So I bought a wedge kit from khiro to counteract that. I tried 50/50 (front/rear) and I felt I had to slow down in turns. So I tried 50/44 and felt a big improvement so I tried more combos and ended up at 42 degree front 35 degree rear. Now I’m much more confident in turns and actually look forward to them taking them at full speed. I can only go 18mph till I can up my voltage when I get my vesc but that’s still a pretty fast turn. With these truck angles it feels more fluid as well like I have way more leverage, but at the same time there is more room for error like adjusting foot placement at speed. It feels better carving on sidewalks. I haven’t noticed gain in turn radius if anything I feel like I can turn sharper. Now I might have to get myself 44 degree calibers because my wedges are getting out of hand lol. I run 12 degree wedge front and 19 rear to get 42/35 because my board ads 4° somehow.

what degree trucks do you run?


Thats tall for a 2 piece wedge and I’m afraid that it would become unstable at speeds above 20mph When I was riding at 10-15mph, I was able to run soft bushings and semi loose 50deg trucks and it felt stable. But when I started hitting speeds 20-35mph, everything changed. Now i’m running 44deg Caliber 2 trucks with ¼" risers front and back. Riptide 90a double barrel bushings in front and 95a in back. Front bushings tight and back bushings very tight.


@Namasaki although the wedges are tall it only adds about 1/4 inch to the ride height. I actually want to get 44 calibers so i can run a 1/4 inch shock pad for dampening and more motor clearance.

Do you like those bushing it’s their aps formula right? Not to much rebound? I was going to get their wfb formula because it has less rebound.

They are the aps cannon bushings and I’m using wfb 96a pivot cups

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Lol my first time I hit 25mph, I was running 45 degree paris clones with the bushings very loosely tightened. The speed wobbles were real. I’ve since switched to a mtb, and now use mbs ats 12 trucks mounted on a 15 degree angle and they are more stable at high speeds (I run mbs medium bushings and tighten the rear bushings a lot more than the front).

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A friend of mine who works at the local skate shop and who does a lot of downhill up to 50mph told me about running the back tighter than the front for stability. He says "turn with the front wheels and the rear will follow.

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Ya speed wobbles can get scary. I hit some rough asphalt while going over 30mph and it caused excessive vibration that turned into a wobble. I managed to hang on until I could get it under control. The difference between 25 and 30 mph seemed huge to me. Took me a while to get the nerve to go that extra 5mph. That was with my Carvon hub motors. I haven’t gone over 28 with my belt drive setup.

This is why I’ve switched to pneumatics. I have a smooth ride and I can run over pretty much anything on the road.

How fast can you go with pneumatics

With a 5.5:1 gear reduction, I get around at about 20-22mph, but thats on 6s (a 10s battery is in the works).

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20-22 mph sounds good, especially with 6s! Your gonna see more speed and quicker acceleration with 10s

I’m going to try a Randal 42 baseplate with my calibers hangers I read it works with little modification

I’ve never ridden a board with pneumatics I imagine it has a lot of drag like when you let go of the throttle


I have a similar setup to @Namasaki (dual carvons).

I have a Randal 42 baseplate laying around. I was going to try on the rear and keeping the regular funbox baseplate in the front. Was going to see if that was enough to make things a bit more stable for higher speeds but still responsive enough at lower speeds.

@Namasaki have you tried a mixed setup with just the 44 in the back?

@TheWrongHombre I think you should give it a try. Idk if the parts are interchangeable for those two trucks, but I did try 50/44 combo and definitely felt improvement. It feels more responsive like I can use the trucks full range of motion. Where I felt the most improvement is in high speed corners you feel locked in and gets rid of the feeling that you’re going to get flung off

Well, do I have good news for you! The funbox hanger that comes with the Carvon hubs fits perfectly on the Caliber II base plates with no modification needed. So you can easily set up your Carvons at 44 deg. I did try 44 back and 50 front and it was better than 50/50. Then I tried 44/44 and that’s even better. You could even add a small wedge and make it 40deg. I think if you go lower angle, you can run softer bushing and maintain stability. But I’m not sure because I haven’t tested that theory yet. I’m I’m not sure that the difference would be much. Going from 50/50 to 44/44 didn’t make a huge difference and I still have to run hard tight bushings.

I got some 50 deg caliber trucks, So do you think by just adding a wedge on the rear truck and decrease the angle would do the job, rather then buy a 44 degrees baseplate? Thanks in advance

I suppose it will work if you can get a wedge with small enough transition. Getting a 44deg base is the optimum. There are sellers the sell just one truck. I wound up putting 44deg on the front as well.

Sorry I just saw the conversation above, I didn’t realize the answer was up there hha… I ll probably experimenting with some wedges first, inorder to find the right set up, then I ll probably buy the 44

Higher degree gives more turning Lower degree gives more stability