What did you do today?

Much like a lot of other forums, this is a thread for reporting on what you’re working on. Doesn’t have to be detailed - just a quick update. Post pictures / links / etc to make it visual, or give others reading material.

** if you’re doing a build, post a new thread.

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I’ll kick-off.

Today was Abec 11 wheel research. Contacting skate shops and asking about stock. Then convincing the wife that a group buy from China would be a good idea.

Put some Hawgs onto a set of Holeys to try out on my push pintail. Still need to finish that. Love that pintail.

I’ve been researching lights (with turn signals) and BLE over UART to the VESC for a week or two now…and going to school, which is why it’s taking so long

Searching for a non-toxic epoxy resin kit.

Getting ready to do some epic fiberglass work.

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Trying to find someone to press a custom deck for me! I’m ready to make my board “permanent” and presentable, anybody know anybody that presses awesome decks besides long haired boy? Looking for some custom routing and recessions too on a 21 inch potato board

Same here, though I’m from Australia. I think I’ve found a guy though who said he can make me any board with any concave and shape, though he said he’s not free for a couple of months so we’ll see what happens then.

Not sure how easy it is for you over in America, but I think getting individual plies of wood, and glueing and vacuum sealing might be a cheap-ish option, and rather easy.

Researching lenses for LED headlights.

I had always thought that the bike trails in the area were empty after dark and I could cruise them with reckless abandon, but when I tried that I found out that in fact they are full of teen-agers and my current headlight lenses cast too broad a light pattern to be comfortable to the human eye, so then they were full of annoyed teenagers.

So I’m looking at lenses with a flatter pattern that will cast the light downwards where I need it rather than blinding everyone in front of me.


Connected a 6S Lifepo pack with Headway 38120 cells from work to the Jacob hub motors and did a quick run around the house.

It was my first ride with a VESC ever - happy to say that it feels so much better than the 150A HK ESC I have been using so far. Nunchuck worked great.

The trucks that came with jacob’s motors however are squeaking quite a bit - anybody knows what to do against that?

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searching for BMS information, i’m a little tired to remove the batteries from the enclosure to charge them

PUT UP HURRICANE SHUTTERS… then put the ratchet bindings on the Trampa!


Fixed a bullet connector that kept popping out during my commute to work this morning.


keep us posted on how its going, been looking for a solution for this for quite a while :slight_smile:

Figuring out/learning how to use this


Building my own is definitely something im looking into, but im not really a hobby builder so i cant justify all the necessary tools to do the routing and shaping. Im hoping the community woodshop here will be able to provide some useful tools and plys

Started to gather info on longboard build. Decision making process between going with hubs or belt. Also taking a look at what hubs are for and how far they have advanced (quite a long thread about it).

Some other small stuff but mostly researching.

Just get a bar of soap, scrape off some shavings and stuff the soap shavings into the pivot cup (that black thing that the hanger pivots in). In the unlikely event that they’re still squeaking, the bushings are just bad quality.

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I use thr same hk150a esc. Could you share your programming settings for the esc before u switched to a vesc?

Built a retro gaming console with this: Result: