What do you guys think of my build?

Hey guys. I am making my own electric skateboard, but instead, there are going to be modifications. Mostly, this is for college, but check it out anyways. Tell me if any parts should be changed. I would love feedback.

Motor: Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 260kv Battery: 2x Turnigy 5000mAh 5S 20C Lipo Pack ESC: VESC Torque Boards Controller: Torque Boards Nano Motor Gear: 16T Wheel Gear: 36T

I will be 3d Printing the motor mount, the gears, and the enclosure.

Do you guys think this setup will fail or not?

All the parts look pretty good. 2 things:

  1. The nano remote is notorious for drop outs. I recommend a mini remote or GT2B.

  2. I have not seen a successful 3d printed motor mount. They just don’t have enough strength. Aluminum is your best bet.

Other than that your good!

You can also check out my store here: www.buildkitboards.com/collections/all. I have some of the parts available that your looking for.

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Looks good I agree with @JLabs though you want a strong mount for something that’s going to propell you at speed. Also i have some gt2b’s in stock with the lead to connect to esc/vesc
Never had a dropout with it,very solid connection. http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/battery-enclosure-35-gt2b-18-with-free-cable-free-uk-shipping/26067?u=warman

DIYES doesn’t sell the v1 anymore. I found the v2 to be very reliable but not without it’s cons (auto-bind)

Well then yes, that one is more reliable. I thought he was referring to the V1

Do you guys think I will burn out the motor or esc? I feel like 260kv is too much

It will if you put them in series, go for <= 210kv

How can I avoid this without changing the motor? Can I put a throttle on the motor or something?

Couple options:

  1. Get 2x 4s batteries for 8s instead
  2. Put your 5s batteries in parallel (not recommended)
  3. Limit your eRPM on the VESC (inefficient)

Best option is to get a more compatible motor though.

So should I get a more compatible motor and 2x 4s batteries? Also, what is another hobby online store besides HobbyKing.

Nvm, how is a 213kv motor with my current setup?

Yea should run fine

Do you think a 2x 3000 mAh 30C battery would do better or worse in terms of range?

To the best of my knowledge, mAh more or less the range. So if you downsize to 3000mAh (what ‘S’?), you will cut your range by about 40% off of the 5000mAh - Probably something close to 5 miles.

My batteries are 5S, 10S in total with two batteries in series. Does the calculation include the C rating as well? For example, my battery is 3 Ah, but with the 20C rating, it would go to 60 Ah. Should I calculate the 60Ah or 3Ah.

Just watt hours, nominal voltage x mah. The more you have the more range (approximately 10wh = 1km)

Do you mean mah or ah? I don’t belive mah is right

right ah, though they’re the same just a lower unit of measurement.

cool. One more question: Should I calculate the ah with the 20C rating or not? For example, my battery is 3 Ah, but with the 20C rating, it would go to 60 Ah. 3Ah or 60 Ah?

C rating signifies discharge potential. While the rate of discharge plays into the time to depletion, it has no bearing on the watt hours of the pack.