What happend to my R-spec hubs?

So I received my R-spec kit with the Unity in the mail a few weeks ago but was just able to install it in my board. I was extremely impressed with the performance as I began to ride it but after around 10 miles total, I stopped at an intersection and the right motor wouldn’t turn without making a terrible noise. I recalibrated the motor at got this Screenshot_20190318-114428%20(1) . What happened to my motor? I opened up the ESC enclosure and made sure all the connections where solid and it’s still doing this.

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see how high the resistance on motor 1 is? confirm that value with a multi-meter, testing the resistance from wire 1-2, 2-3, and 3 to 1. you’ll probably see one that is way outside the values of the other 2. It looks like you have one of the coil windings damaged. Normally all three will have the same, low resistance value

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run motor detection again, i think i know what your talking about


Yep, I just checked it, thanks guys. It looks like there isn’t even a connection for coil winding 3. Damn, this really sucks, I don’t have anything to commute with anymore. Would this have been a factor quality issue? Here is another reading I did before the first one. Screenshot_20190318-110248 (I know the sensor wasn’t reading on the other one)

Well, a disconnect is better than a short. This may be easily repaired.

I’m guessing that the solder joint between the stator coil and the silicone wire has broken. That’s good, because you can probably fix that.

Much better than two coils being shorted together, as you couldn’t fix that without rewiring the entire stator.

Are these hubs easily serviceable? Can you pop open the hood?



Question is will that void warranty. @CarlCollins @barajabali


I’d argue that they should already offer warranty and replace them free of charge. But I understand the allure of fixing it yourself.

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Of course, but they also justify voiding warranty over changing xt60 to xt90 so…


Luckily I’ve been in contact with @barajabali simultaneously and he just offered to replace it free of charge no problem! Once I have the replacement in hand I would be happy to open the other up and see what went wrong and post it here. This is probably just a rare fluke.

I just wanted to see if anyone here could give me some more detailed information. I’m not 100% certain of the mechanics of an electric motor.


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let me present @Seanhacker


You beat me to it.


Yes. Every single motor I’ve received from them have had some sort of QC issues or just design flaws. I think I’ve owned around 5 or 6 pairs of them.

Nope. Definitely NOT a fluke in my experience with this companies motor quality over the last two years.


What sorts of failures have you experienced

Overheating, bearings go bad after every ride because the seats are crooked, lockups (at 30mph), horribly wound windings that broke and shorted, knocking sounds, grinding sounds, stuttering, ect… All my motors have been ridden less than 80 miles. I have a basically brand new R2 that i got over 2 years ago that has around 120 or so miles on it because of these issues. It hasn’t been safe and I enjoy living.


Our latest motors are solid. Failure rate is extremely low and I know that to be true. Every batch we put out is better than the last. @SeanHacker you haven’t had a new set of motors so it’s hard for you to compare.

Yes I have unless these aren’t what you guys are selling now. And these suck just as bad as previous versions.


I’ve been hearing this same thing for two years now.


They’re not.