What helmet you rockin?

so bought buy a lid and wondering what people here rate and are you using…?


“Sweet Protection Trooper MIPS Dirt Black” and also a “TSG Pass Pro Carbon Shoot”, depending on the situation

which dju rather for everyday?

Trooper MIPS, unless it’s a long ride or super-cold outside

Well i have a stuppie bicycle helmet… and want to get a TSG pass.

Are these helmets legit? :wink:


TSG Pass Satin Cyan


Bell Super 3R MIPS




is that for motocross or mountain biking mad find a light mx helmet i can use for the esk8 too

I got a Bell Sanction and removed the visor and added a Roger Bros. Downhill Bell Drop Visor. All in at <$100 for a really lightweight full face helmet.

Mountain bike. The chin bar is removable. Idea was that you can use it as a normal helmet riding up and put on the chin part flying down the hill


Ruroc all the way!!! Best helmet I’ve ever had!!


Ruroc is definitely badass, how are they in terms on ventilation and air flow since they are designed for snowboarding. mine is obviously FULL of holes so it’s awesome

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ya the ruroc are nice how are they for rain and same as mike asked ventilation

Ruroc RG1-DX (Aero)

Overade Plixi

Ruroc is definitely more suited for cold weather. I cannot imagine wearing it during summer.


I’ve used it for a week or so and it’s been great. It didn’t get warm in there, glasses didn’t fog up and no condensation inside the mask (which you can very easily take of and that brings me to my next point).

It’s quite cold here in Switzerland right now so can’t say but you can take of the mask and googles and just put some sunglasses on.

When I received it, I walked around in it for like 20 minutes (inside) to get a good feel for it, and it wasn’t too hot.

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what size dju get hows the fit tight or loose

I measured my head circumference, it was just about 57cm so I went with M/L. It fit perfect, tiny little bit of movement but the way I like it.

ool such a nice lid really want the one with the weird grin on it but its damn exspensive

Got mine on Black Friday, was like $260 shipped!

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