What is The Ultimate Belt Drive Set Up?

Forget batteries for a second. Taking in mind the common limits of FOCBOXES ERPM, what is the ultimate component part combination for a Belt Drive?


An aligned belt is best.


What do you mean by

If you mean motor kV and gear ratio, I think it’s 170~190kv 12s 16/36 gear. Seems to be standard :lying_face:

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I mean part wise , what motor mounts seem to be better than others for the job? What trucks ? What motors and what brand ?

I see a lot of variation between people building and mounting Belt Drives , yet no debate about the best part combination.

Would what you send be also optimal for 10s?

190kv should be good for 10s.

Caliber trucks for sure :star_struck:

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Not going to say this is a subjective thread but…


caliber is not very good, especially for electric longboard. ronins are miles better even without a motor, but with torque on wheels they are just another league because you wont introduce steering impulses when you accelerate/brake due to their support pin.

preview of my 12S7P dual 6374 ronin powercruiser with the incredibly sexy ollin idler pulley mount (12mm belt drive) :smile:


@whitepony that build is going to be insane. Looking forward to see the performance!

Ronin trucks would also be a different price group, i bought my Caliber II trucks for the same price one Ronin costs over here.

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Subjectivity is needed ! Riot! Throw each other to the slaughter ! The most powerful think about this builders that I’ve seen is when someone throw you all in a thread and you fight over what’s better. A few revelations comes out and a better understanding is spread as a result.

Basically , when you guys go to war against each other , everyone profits with some knowledge.


talking about ronin cast, its hardly another price grp - pair of calibers 60€, pair of ronins 90€. that difference doent matter a single bit in a 1000€+ build and it will massively influence your ride and handling quality!

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Supercarve trucks with @Marcmt88 mounts under the deck with dual 6374 190kv Dark Matter motors and 15mm belts running 15/38 ratio with dual idlers and ABEC11 SuperFly wheels


The best setup hasn’t been built yet


Depends on the person, you would also add more to mounts as well.

A pair of Calibers can be found for 48 Euro here, a pair of Ronin would be 104 Euro.

Ive made / currently making a 1300ish Euro board atm, and i wouldnt be able to afford paying 40 more for trucks and then having to struggle with finding mounts over seas.

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So you can fit dual of those motors on those trucks! Nice, will be useful for my Bamboo GT build im working on.

Already got dual 6374 just lack of trucks and mounts now.

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youre saving money on the wrong end in my eyes :kissing_heart:


Hmm let’s say fuck price for now as well, it’s always better to see the true upper limits and then from their derive better suited cost-effective alternatives.

Plus who uses belts and wheels even…


How are the Dark Matter Motors Holding up? How would you rate them against other 190KV and simple KV motors?

You fabulous bastard.