What is your EDC?

I was curious as to what your “ever day carry” items are for your board? Excluding safety gear!

I carry an extra belt, extra battery pack, knife, metric Allen wrenches, screwdrivers, skate tool, and a couple multitools. Everything is in a backpack

What about you? What do you carry? What is it stored in?

I used to carry all that. Now I carry a knife and a cell phone. If something breaks I will either push the board or walk or get a Lyft


when I rode the raptor 1.5 I carried a 2.5mm allen key for those thousand screws in the lid. most of the time these days I don’t carry anything.

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I usually carry a skate tool, whatever allen key I need to remove my enclosure. A couple pieces of velcro strap to wrap around the board to hold the enclosure up if something lets go. Spare belts, a bottle of water and a small towel to soak up sweat or blood if needed. A usb cord to charge the remote. All in a nap sack.

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Multi tool, loop key, controller, TSG helmet, gloves. I usually wear jeans and a jacket anyways so I have yet to invest in knee or elbow pads

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I carry a skate tool…

I’m paranoid and tighten/check my axles all the time… lol had to many wheels fly off - on any type of board…

Otherwise it’s there to remove belts to push if needed.

I used to carry an Allen key stack tool, variable wrench just in case I have to pop out my enclosure if something isn’t working. And a hat just in case I want to sit and not get my pants scraped. :peach::kissing_heart:


I carry my charger, a skate tool which has a insert for my small hex/Phillips head screwdriver, helmet and some bandaids.

I always wear my backpack I have extra belts a skate tool and some Allen keys also carry a Sign p938 cause it’s small and doesn’t get in the way of riding

I’m a big fan of torque stripe. You can quickly tell before and after a ride if your nuts are coming loose. Also I’ve not had one back out on me. I use 1/6 - 1/3 past sharp rise in torque.

Skate tool Allen wrenches Fire extinguisher First aid kit USB power bank with cables Board’s battery charger


I carry a motorcycle and a backpack.


Spare belts Skate tool Allen wrench set Bottle of water Knife Sig p238 And some candy


Where are you from?!

Glueless patch kit for my tires Miniature two- way bike pump I’m looking around for a small set of good allen keys too, nearly all of my screws match that. I really want to avoid taking too much, as when I ride I’m usually also carrying a full computer bag.



I usually don’t carry anything if I’m commuting. If it’s a longer ride, then Allen wrenches, and skatetool, screwdrivers for enclosure, an extra belt, and duct tape

Stupid California here. County law says it’s illegal to shot a BB gun in my own back yard. Not that I would bring my firearm on my rides.

What part of CA? Never had that problem, although I wouldn’t be surprised if that happens soon

It’s for in case any cars get too close! I personally carry one of these in my back pocket. GE_XM214_Minigun-2 Also as a bonus if you run out of battery, you can use use it to propel yourself forward.

In all seriousness, an extra belt/chain, screwdriver, and gloves is my edc.

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