What protective gear do you guys use?

I never use protective gear when i skate with a regular board since i now live in florida and it is flat. But the possibility of wrecking at 25 mph has me looking into pads and helmets. I am going to get some 187 knee and elbow pads cause of the open back on the 187 pro model. i had some old rectors knee pads back in the day with open back and it was way more convenient. think i am just going to start with a regular helmet like this one… always loved fox so here is where i am stuck. wrist guards seem like they would make using a remote annoying… so what do you guys do about your hands? half finger gloves like this? maybe i can figure out how to add rivets to the palm

what do all of you use?

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These are the best wrist/hand protection you can get. http://www.skatesonhaight.com/Harbinger-skate-gloves-p/hwgg.htm

so the wrist guard part doesnt get in the way of your remote? @psychotiller

You can slip that part out or modify it if it does.

Cool. I couldnt find them anywhere. Triple8 makes one that looks like it though.

Sweet! I saw some on Amazon the other day.

I use bike gloves and that is all. My current setup only goes 18 mph.

When I upgrade my motors soon, I’ll be gunning for 35 mph and will be looking into a motorcycle helmet and full body suit as my first setup got up to 30 mph, and then the esc blew-out and threw me off with no protection. I had road rash all up my arms and my back and hands. And I don’t ever want that again.


I ended up just getting triple8 gear since they are the only ones that make the half finger wrist guards. So i got their ep 55 elbow pads and kp 22 knee pads. I got a fox transition helmet for now. I have a shoei already but i Don’t really think i need it honestly. I am used to way bigger knee pads then the kp22’s … may try to find bigger ones later.maybe a chin guard helmet as well. Not sure yet till i go full throttle with my build. I have been riding mountains since i was 13 and never hit my chin. A parked car yes but not my chin. I am 35 now so maybe i should be more careful but where is the fun in that? Haha

haha, I’m a 22 CS student, who skates competitively. Falling at high speed is something I experience frequently (at least a few hard high speed slams per skate session), and thus, I am not phased when I fall on my electric board. Going under 25 mph is slow enough that you can roll out and avoid most injuries. However, when I fell going 30 mph, I tried to do my best roll, but it really did little but prevent broken bones and head injuries. Thus, at higher speeds, you need some protection that allows you to slide in the event of a fall. To me, that means a motorcycle helmet, full body suit, and gloves.


Old thread, but I didn’t want to create a new one and have people say use the search button. i just wanted to ask what knee pads do you guys use? Also, are these soft knee pads any good, i realized not everyone wears them, either because of money or because of how hard shell knee pads restrict movement and might add a lot of bulk. Has anyone tried these yet?

Oh, and those knee pads are Triple Eight Exoskin. Also, i ordered a TSG Pass in CF, also got these Demon United Body Armor:

Can’t speak for the triple 8’s, but I’ve got a set of G-form knee and elbow pads and they’re really comfortable, barely notice they’re there even after 4 hours. Never taken a fall yet though, so can’t say how they do in that regard.

I like the non bulky look these g-form knee pads, I’m going to put these into consideration.

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Like the G-Form Fit and size ,…BUT wonder if a Hard Shell would be better in a fall ?, you can Slide on a shell, …G-form don’t think so ?

@Rob.Endless I use triple 8 street knee pads. They’re inexpensive and I only ride for an hour or so at a time, so they’re “fine.” No major crashes with them but they seem to stay in place.



I have kind of small head, well I have a long face (typical Swedish). Most helmets looks like a mushroom on my head and makes me not want to use it. Yea sure I do use it! I got kids and don’t want go down by not wearing a helmet, that’s stupid. But it would really help if I had a god helmet that also look cool on my head. I have a TSG today, I believe there must be some other people out there that have small faces? Any ideas of a nice helmet for us?

I can feel your pain. Try Bern Watts, it fits my Nordic head.


What esc were you using?

fvt 120. It was my settings. Had the amp setting to max and I guess it just pulled too many amps.

I’m also looking at what gloves work well. Anyone here wear gloves? I also got advised on getting a cheaper secondary helmet while learning to eboard so that I wont mess up my CF TSG Pass.

@treenutter those knee pads look pretty good, no need to slide them up through the foot i believe, just straps right?