What To Do With Skate Deck?

Just been given this and not 100% sure what to do with it…

I think I wouldn’t mind a board with a kick tail . . . . powered!

You’d need to push the trucks out to give yourself some breathing room for batteries and electronics…it’s not impossible

Or just buy a melloeboard system and call it a day lol

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£1519 !!! You gotta be kiddin’? (How on earth can they charge that much for that?)

I mean, I might spring for hub motors but please? I could power it for £200! lol

I actually don’t think you could power it for £200. VESC is £100, hub motor £150, batteries £50 (minimum), and controller £20. And that’s not including misc. materials which add up quick


For this build, which would most likely be for my son, I wouldn’t go VESC, I’d go for this setup

http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/43-dollar-speed-conotroller-and-remote-ill-let-you-know-how-it-works-out-quick-review-now-posted/24914 £32.87

2 x 3s 5000mah Lipo (Hobbyking) £25.17 x 2

Turnigy SK3 either 6374 or 5065 (ditch the hub idea) £47

Mini Remote £18 (I already have this)

Enclosure £5


I know…lol hey you wanted ideas lol

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If it’s for your son …I’d get a longer deck …it will honestly be more stable…and running that at 6s on that small thing will feel like a sketchy :rocket: rocket Ask @longhairedboy with his penny death stick

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You may be right, I might stick with just 3s :confused:

I think I’d obviously stick better trucks and 97mm flywheels on it.

you need to kill the torque at start up to make it safer…needs to be a slow ramp…jerky throttle response will just get someone hurt … don’t want that to happen at all…maybe get it a little under control using @Ackmaniac program… maybe that is a way to manage the power

Hmmm he’s ridden my longboard (with VESC) and had no trouble at all, as far as I’ve heard this ESC has a similar power ramp…

Well if you go with 6s someone’s gonna fall for sure but using a lower voltage will help kill the start up torque that messes people up…I’ve tried 4s on a car esc on an esk8 …I’d say it was good for kids…smooth throttle good braking …worked really well at that voltage

I don’t even know how old ur son is …so I could be talking out of my ass…hahaha

If he’s a teen…give him the power!!!

Yeah could do 4s, that’d work.

He’s 11. He features at the end of this build video: https://youtu.be/MVQUQ_srAIg?t=1883

He has his own non-powered deck with 70mm soft longboard wheels…

He also features in this video, he’s basically got the hang of it by now: https://youtu.be/DQj69QsqdZA?t=32

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Mellow’s crazy price is what drove me to Landwheel which is still a beta product.

Yeah, I heard the brakes are terrible though… :frowning:

If its for your son what about this motor? I’m running 2 and they are holding up really well.

Oh shit … give the boy the power…you know how good you get riding and quick too

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Slightly lower KV than the SK3 5065 and a little cheaper, but I don’t think that ESC takes sensored motors, although I guess I don’t have to use the sensors…

a group of us users are communicating with them and improving the brakes…we are at version 4 now and the brakes are usable. However one person had their range drop from 10km to 2km…lot of weird things to work out…Mellow’s price is also for extensive R&D. Landwheel seems to test their units in a smooth concrete factory floor.

As for the skateboard, why not just ride it. I miss analog boards, skated for years in my teens and early twenties best time ever with zero responsibilities