What To Do With Skate Deck?

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8.5" wide deck.

It’s heavy as fuck tho. Weighs like 25lbs.

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I can ollie, and i can ride a short deck, it’s the wheel bite that’s the killer…

Possible solution to my wheel-bite problem, AND gives me ‘suspension’! ? . . . . huh? huh?


Dont cut your deck like the one on the picture. I have done that to an old deck, it looks cool but hou can’t ride it. Your feet touch the wheels when standing on it. Even when you bring the trucks out more. But maybe your suspension thing wil work.

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I was only thinking of taking away just enough deck to stop the wheel bite and only Ch it the end similar to the vanguard… I’ll check it again but I don’t think my feet will touch the wheels…

My advise with the suspension thing is the put a spring in the large open part and maybe have a hinge at the other end. Because eventually the metal will break due to it bending backwards and forwards

If it’s made out of spring steel it won’t…

Ohhhh 10 chars

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Little bit more has happened on this build. Been a while, been really busy! :confused:

Motor mount is HobbyKing mount, custom fit to a Pairs style cheap truck… 5065 racestar sensored motor, 6s lipos, VESC, sandwich/lunch box enclosure, screwed to the deck from underneath.


How is the racestar motor holding up? And what range are you getting on your setup?

It’s finished! :smiley:


The Racestar is actually really good! It’s running FOC very well and has enough power, especially for my son anyway but even when I’ve used the board too…

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I ran into a bump on the road… I have everything ready to go but I noticed the sensor 5 pin plug on the racestar does not fit the FOCBOX 6 pin, was this the same for your VESC?

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I think the extra pin is for the temp input on the Vesc. I’m not 100% sure but to me it looks like the t symbol is for the temp sensor which your motor doesn’t have. So if you can split he red and blue wires and then plug it into the corresponding spots (black to gnd and so on the red to 5V) it should work. Some one just verify this first as I don’t want to be responsible for braking anything

You need a new 6 pin JST connector, but just miss out one of the pins, (which is temperature), can’t remember which one, I’ll take a photo of my connector in a bit…

So, this is what it looks like connected to the VESC…

I bought a bunch of these for cheap and clipped the pins out of the one on the motor and this new one, then clipped them in the new 6 pin one in the right order…

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What type are they? Jst-xh?

no i think they are Micro JST 2.0 PH 6-Pin or that is at lest what fit on my vesc but i have a 4.12 but looks to be the same. Did the mistake of assuming it was regular Jst-xh already and they are to big :disappointed: