What's a decent vesc?

are there any other vesc6-like versions available that are relatively cheap. Or a vesc4 with all the updated bits? looking for whats available NOW. ive blown up so many including the foxbox. Im always running FOC

vanda’s seems the old standard bom 4 flipsky’s is too big (otherwise it seems good) maytech seems like the standard bom 4 chaka and axle seem to be gone any others?

Damn dude. What are you doing to all those poor VESCs? Maybe someone here has a couple Ollin/Chaka VESCs they’d be willing to part with. There’s the ESCape too, but again, someone would have to have them in hand and be willing to part with them already.

some of mine are still good and i have the flysky 4s waiting…just want something i can rely on forever. a version of the 6 i guess. i am always at 100 motor amps and 12s and foc

That is what we’re all waiting for lol


Maybe this?

Just so it’s out there as well. FLIP SKY I have had all of their new 6.6 esc’s and the 2 versions they have. A full aluminum case one and a unit with just heat sink on it. They are basically the same units. ( case ) The case creates a heat envelope and is definitely a overheating issue. They have taken note. The unit with just the fined heat sink is on the money when it comes to heat dispersion. I have ran them through bench testing and I’m waiting to get them on a build.





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That’s the 3 units from flip. 2 100a one in case one not with heat sink. A 50a in aluminum case

I posted this vesc6 iteration from FRC hobby who is a reseller of those winning v2 remotes. This version is not tested yet by anyone so it’s anybodys guess if it’s actually worthy.


Sweet Jesus. Don’t show that to frank trampa. He will have a shit.



This is the test unit from maytech, some stuff will change. But the are shooting for 200$ on the 50a and about 250$ On the 100a in a few months. image

Is this a dual vesc?

Yes sir. Maytech 50a test unit.

I should have 2 in the next week to test. Then flip has one ( duel ) 100a fsvesc6.6 about mid August

flip has a sale that ends today 20% off. how soon can you test the 6 without the case!? how do you test because i dont know what damaged mine in the past but it didnt seem current related. do you know the different parts and what was upgraded for the 6? I guess parts could be fake too. think im in for two tonight. they do claim a year warranty.

i have other new flipsky 4s i bought like 2 months ago I dont want to try and will sell if anyone is interested

I’m going to have something running by this werkend for the new 6.6 and I will find the upgrade list.

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seems they fixed it ?

I get that ppl feel the VESC6 is expensive and look for other options, but after never been able to kill myn I’d spend the extra pennies if I knew they would hold up so well. I didint buy mine tho, I soldered bare PCBs so I got off quite cheap. But if I were to need Another and couldnt be arsed with soldering again, I wouldnt hesitate.