What's the difference in performance between dual a 6374 and dual 6355?

In case anyone wou;ld like to know the difference between both motors in a real world test a video can say more than a thousand words:

Dual 6374 brakes are much better 6355 230KV motors have more final speed than 6374 190KV 6374 motors do not use as much battery as I though 6355 are way lighter 6374 torque is really impressive, unfortunatelly you can not illustrate accurately how fast they are in comparison on a 6355 on this video, but believe me (Trump voice) they are way faster


How much of a difference is there between dual 6355 and single 6374?

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tons, dual and single are not comparable performance wise. The double belts make the difference in that case

Nice post bro! I’m getting ready to set up a pair of 200kv 6374’s and your report is very encouraging. Just one question, are you running 10s or 12s?

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From slower to faster:

Single 6355:

  • Lame braking, slow acceleration, but once you gain speed it accelerates acceptably faster
  • Cheapest setup

Single 6374:

  • Better acceleration that 6355
  • Good final speed
  • You can’t accelerate very fast because it pulls you to one side because of having only one wheel drive and high torque
  • $20 more expensive than single 6355 but way cheaper than any dual drive

Dual 6355:

  • Perfect for the city
  • Amazing acceleration
  • Acceptable weight
  • You don’t need any special hanger to fit dual 6355 motors, just regular caliber or Ronin
  • Love the 230KV motors on 10S (never exceeded 60000ERPM)

Dual 6374:

  • Pulls A LOT!, but not is a way that make it difficult to ride, but a really powerful way with loads of control
  • You can commute way faster because braking is more powerful, so you feel safer going at higher speeds
  • As you ride faster all around, it becomes more dangerous but at the same time you feel safer because of better braking.
  • The acceleration on full throttle requires you to lean yourself to the front a lot, after a couple of days your balance is spot on, you feel you don’t need to lean as much as at the begining
  • The sound of dual 6374 on BLDC is addicting, sounds like a freaking jet turbine!
  • You don’t use as much battery as one could thing because you don’t use your 6374s at fullcapacity all of the time, just on long free/safe roads, so at the end it uses almost the same amount, maybe a tad more, than dual 6355.

Amazing explanation man! Do you know how good (or bad) is the breaking with single 6374? This is really my only concern , and I’m scared that it won’t work well especially in an urban environment

I’m runing 12S4P on the Trampa, so it has mora capacity and more speed. It’s really not that comparable against the dual 6355 on 10S but you can at least feel the difference.

You will always feel a little drift on the Motor side. It is pushing or braking that you have to counter balance this Force. But after The time u will get used to it.

But i would recommend dual!

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Wow this thing moves! I’m guessing the lower speed acceleration is on another level compared to the 6355. Then at the top end these run out of steam and the 6355 shine?

Trying to figure out what I’m going to do. I really would like a torque monster that could still do ~28 or so :slight_smile:

You’ll likely be satisfied with just the torque from a dual 6355 or 5065 build. 6374 is a bit overkill for non-mountain boards and for everyday riding.

wouldn’t then a dual SK6364 hit exactly the sweet spot between 6374 and 6355?

I can’t see why 6374s would have less top speed than 6355s. If anything, the extra torque should help to achieve more top speed unless they are not the same KV. You could also go with higher gearing with 6374s to achieve more top speed.


I would like to know that as well :smiley:

I’m not sure about that, my dual 6374s are amazing, the acceleration is addicting, the braking is much better, the torque from low speed is just satisfying and smooth, the battery doesn’t decrease that much on 12s4p.

However, the prices will rise, for instance the 50.4V charger would be more expensive than a regular 42v charger, the 12S BMS is more expensive as well, you will need to run 15mm belts minimum, there are not much wide truck options, the weight of the board will increase and portability would suffer, so not everything is perfect with the 12S

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I’m in the process of setting up a dual 6374 200kv 10s system with 15/40 gears and 9mm belts and 90mm wheels. I’ve had good success running this setup with dual 6355 190kv motors.

update Been running the 9mm belts with dual 6374’s for some time now and no problems.

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Depends on how heavy your ass is.

My dual 6355 runs with two 12mm belts and it´s ok - wish i could go up 15mm for harder brakes but i wouldn´t go with 9mm. I expect 9mm to have too much wear for me. But everyone without high mountains or heavy asses should be ok with 9mm.

If you wanna boost up your engine make sure to boost up your gears too.

So dual 6374 would be 15mm at least for me!

Is there any possible way that you could post a complete list of what all you are running on your setup? I’m relatively new to the eboarding but come from a background in technology and I’ve built dozens of drones. I have a pretty good understanding just need to know the specifics and where to source from.

For examply it looks like the trampa board is a UK manufacturer and am not sure if you can get them shipped from within the US (where I live).

Also i see kits vs buying the blank deck and trucks. Not sure what would make the most sense.

I’d REALLY appreciate it!

Honestly most people would probably be satisfied with dual 5055’s. To say that you won’t be satisfied unless you go 6374 is a bit much. I’m sure the acceleration and braking is stronger, but at the same time i can stop on a dime on my dual 6355 and 5065 builds as well.

Enthusiasts and those looking for raw power will enjoy dual 6374’s. The average consumer or builder likely won’t utilize all that extra torque.

looks like the 6364ers are not being showered with love in here… :frowning:


Dual 6374 on 9mm belts? That’s not going to hold at all