Where are you located? What do you do?

I thought it would be nice to have a thread where we can post up basic info about ourselves, so we know where everyone is located, what we do for work, and what other hobbies or skills we have. It would be great to know if there are other members close to us that we could actually meet, ride or converse with, and also if there are resident experts in certain fields that might be able to provide insight or information for questions we may have. If there is any other information that should be added to this thread, please let me know.

Age : 36
Location: Rohnert Park, CA, USA (~1 hr. North of San Francisco)

Occupation: Energy Consultant (Energy modeling, Green building, code compliance for buildings, building science/performance testing, etc.)

Other hobbies, skills, interests, etc.: Most things DIY, Rallycross racing and modding my Subaru WRX, Snow/wake/skateboarding, all things Star Wars, Martial arts, Guitar, RC cars/planes/heli’s (the smaller, the better).

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Bro if someone gets married because of this thread I’m gonna puke lol



Umm, not really the point of this thread, but miracles could happen! That thought never crossed my mind, but now I would like to see two people get married on their ESk8’s at 20mph. Just to make you sick. :heart_eyes:


28yo, London, UK

Software developer, specialized in web, mobile development (ruby+js) and digital currencies / distributed consensus systems.

Hobbies: Other than esk8, building 3d printers, shooting and editing videos, snowboarding and open source development.

I have 2 e-boards, my gf goes very slow and she’s afraid of basically anything so it’s not super-fun to ride with her. If you are in London, even if you don’t have a board we can go esk8 somewhere, I would like to shoot some footage/videos of an esk8 ride from an esk8. If you’re interested, please PM. Thanks!


Location: 13yo, Melbourne, Australia

Occupation: Don’t have one, I am still at school. I have started up a few companies that were around my neighbourhood. I fixed computers (software), I did graphic design for people online, and I also help my parents so I can earn a bit of cash.

Other hobbies: Basketball, Soccer, Gymnastics, Cycling, Graphic Design, Maths, I am trying to learn to code (I know a bit of html and python), Food (Not really a hobby, but who doesn’t love nice food?), When I was first introduced into esk8 I started to like DIY, now everything that I need is DIY, except for stuff that I don’t have the equipment to make.

I have one eboard (The Geminon), it goes 23-25kmh when fully charged. I am building another one that will kind of look like @runplayback and should go 35-40kmh (I can finally race my next-door neighhbour who has an evolve. When my second board is finished, I may sell my other board to someone or salvage the parts for something else.


location: SF, CA,USA
occupation: college student
Other achievement/hobby/project: 48v 1000w labtop 18650 ebike, currently working on my first eboard
Would LOVE to have a meeting in SF during the summer


Location: 28 yo, NYC, USA

Occupation: Occupational Therapist & Venture Capitalist Financier. I don’t see much patients anymore since my other job takes up most of my schedule.

Hobbies: Traveling, any diving sports, snowboarding, jogging, working out, hiking and now, eskating.

I used to have 2 boards, the Yuneec Ego and the Boosted Board. Both board’s rotors have since burned out beyond their warranty period. I just closed a deal on a DIY board so hopefully I’ll have it by early June and I’ve place an order on the Enertion Raptor. Hoping to use the boards to commute across the city. I have no plans to build a DIY myself but will probably commission someone to help build one for me from scratch eventually since I don’t have the knowledge or the time to do it myself. Hoping to ride with someone from downtown to uptown. Or if anyone is in town lets skate together and I’ll buy you a couple of rounds!


Age : 17
Location: Near the town Mildura, Victoria, Australia

Occupation: Casual IT Systems Officer at a local water supply company. I’m currently in year 12 so I work there in the holidays. I am also a self employed phone repair technician. I fix a few phones/tablets per week. After year 12 I want to go to university and do a degree in software engineering.

Other hobbies, skills, interests, etc.: A lot of DIY projects, I’m at bunnings all the time. I also do a lot of programming with python and various C languages. I also do a lot of work with arduinos for home automation. I also like math, that’s why I’m doing Specialist maths and Math Methods.


AGE: 20
LOCATION: near Barrie Ontario canada

OCCUPATION: airforce tech.

HOBBIES: computers and gamming.


Location: Washington D.C., USA

Occupation: SQL Developer (did a little web design too on the side, html/css, js, WP)

Hobbies: Photography and strength training

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Age- 44
Location- Dublin Ca. East bay, 45 min east of San Francisco.

Occupation- industrial designer, currently designing RTA (ikea type assembled furniture) furniture for z-line designs and flat panel wall mounts.

Started with ntm 50 motor, lifepo4 2 3s packs, made my own transmission and hobby king esc. When I found out how fun it was I bought a spacecel, hub motors and a couple vescs. Still working on I closures and will probably build a battery soon.

Hobbies- 3 littles 9,4,2 and when I have time, brew beer, hike, rock climb, and make stuff.


Didn’t @lox897 try doing one of these threads a while back?

Yeah. It kinda got rejected by @cmatson because it was “creepy” lol


I’m 24 living in Santa Monica, I work in music and fashion, but I’m also hoping to get some work in videography and I want a food truck at some point. I like traveling, usually every other weekend I’ll go on a quick trip on one of the <2hr flights to a surrounding city…I think having an electric board is gonna be awesome for traveling, especially while there’s no real verification of battery capacities at airports yet.

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Location : Rochester, WA , USA

Age : 32

Occupation : bering sea fisherman

Other interests : computers

My build/s :

Trampa EMTB


found the way @lox897 originally mentioned it to be kinda creepy, but in hindsight it really isn’t that bad. I’ll give him credit for what he tried to start before, and I so unjustly shot down :wink:

so I won’t go into details, but I’m 16 and just spend my money on stupid shit- lets leave it at that.

edit: for those of you who follow me on social media, you may see a 1945 jeep willy’s join my list of DIY fixer upper projects soon if all things go according to plan…


I live in Southern California and operate heavy equipment by day. Nights and weekends I like to build things in my shop. It used to be motorcycles, but since my sons came along it felt safer to build longboards that go way too fast. Www.psychotiller.com


Lol it was kinda creepy…

I think it was because he’s 13…(no offense @lox897 :facepunch:t2:)

Coming from an adult, initiating the conversation, people feel a bit more comfortable…

@Mobutusan had a good approach (although I mocked him…lol)…and there has been tons of activity on the site the last few weeks…more regulars, hence a larger core of users … And we seem to be interacting a lot…



Here in Sin City … But Born And raised in NYC and been and lived around the world

Currently Mr. Mom to my two girls … Was a casino host for years and In my other lifetime, I was a Trader on wall st for a German Bank for 11 years in their treasury dept trading fx, forwards, intrest rates swaps, futures, repos…and yes I was in NYC on 9/11 … But I’ve been other things in between …head of social media for a casino property, the voice of that same property, vp of sales for an ISP … I even worked in HR as an HR coordinator…I did all the new hire orientation Lol…and so far being Mr.Mom has been my biggest challenge lol

Hobbies: Duh this …I have a few builds under my belt and a couple of more when I get around to it… Not so much anymore but snowboarding & motorcycles & anything that would probably give people white hairs … Of course now with the kids … I gotta cool it a little

Hit me up if you are ever in Vegas…if we can make it happen … let’s go skate ! :metal:t2::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::metal:t2:


We go to vegas a couple times a year. Next trip I’m bringing boards!!!

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Sweet @psychotiller gotta do the art district to downtown run at night and troll the tourists lol

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