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Where do I FIND.....? (Post your answer as a LINK)

Sometimes you just need help finding that ONE thing…but you don’t know what to search for or where to l👀k…or you found it but aren’t sure…So post what your looking for on this thread.


I’m looking for a nice piece of plain aluminum 36t pulley 5m pitch 9mm width … Need it flat with no collar, flange or ridges …I don’t want to grind down an Enertion pully to get one…I just need the disk part of the pulley

So post up a link to answer my question

like this?

Just the blue part the same on both sides

I want to bolt it to a weird 83mm wheel that is flat on one side

I can’t flip the Enertion pulley because the other side has a flange that sits on the hub recess … And I don’t want to destroy the pulley for this project

Ill trade you my full set of seismics with the pulley you need for that old enertion pulley. Im sure you can get it to work.

Lol still need the Enertion mount :+1:t2:

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I am wondering why Enertion is not selling them anymore. Only the nylon ones.

To expensive to stock both so they just picked one.

Is the nylon one as good as the old one ? They are still using the old ones for the Raptors.

Yeah I like the aluminum ones too!

Oh well…I think @Alex gave me the correct link…Ill have to play with the drop down choices and see if I can get the pully I want …

I’m trying to mod a strange non-standard wheel that has a totally flat inner wheel. The pulley on it now it plastic…and now I put a 50mm motor (before it was 12v brushed motor) on it and the belt that it came with will last abt one ride…it’s like a rubber band…prob rip the teeth off the belt if I run it. If I can’t get a pulley then I will need to use 83mm and need a shim so the wheel can align with the motor pulley.

thanks guys !!!

36t. Alien Drive Systems doesn’t seem to have any in stock.

anyone got a source on 90mm flywheels? all i can find on the bay is 83 and 97

Lol it’s like pulley gold lol

Holy crap…I sware I was looking at 90mm the other day…where did they all go?


i just want some damn 90mm’s

That’s so odd … I looked at Google and it pulled up an eBay link but nothing … But the other day I sware I was looking at some

@Michaelinvegas - way back when I was looking for stuff to make an esk8 I used a water jet company ( out of Phoenix AZ to make gears, washers, mounts. The gear specified is 36t 5m pitch and .5" wide. Its been 2 years and everything still works. When the parts came to me they were a bit sharp but just took some sand paper to knock the edges off. Here is the invoice with the cost and contact info. The prices may have gone up a bit since and you may have to open an account but no biggie its just filling out info. If interested I will send you the file I sent to them.


Hey that ain’t too bad…thanks man…

Did you just tell them what you needed or did you have to send plans?

here are the pieces - I dont have pics on me because I’m at work


That’s sweet @korryh

How did the design work out? Still using it?