Where is the Best Place to Order Legit 18650 Cells?

Looking to build a 12C4P pack. Currently using 4 X 3Cell 5000mah RC packs and wanting to build a 18650 pack with BMS.



where are you located? best place in NA is https://liionwholesale.com/ or you can buy 30q cells from @thisguyhere


What is the max amp rating that most people use for ESK8 packs? My ESC is 100A max and I usually run it at 60A peak.

Samsung 30q cells are the tits right now. they advertise 15A but people have comfortably drawn 20A from them.

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eu.nkon.nl if you’re in the EU, ru.nkon.nl outside the EU. Shipping is a little slower and more expensive, but the cells are cheaper. IMRbatteries sells 50 30Q cells for $211 incl.shipping to California. LiIonWholesale wants $224. Nkon wants $185.


isnt there some 30T cells or something like that?

yeah but they are twice the price and a little bigger in size.

oh but that discharge. :smirk: (or whatever its called)

… and thats what she said…

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There are a dozen different cells that are used in esk8, but by far the most common is the 30Q, because it’s a great compromise between price, current and capacity. There are better cells, but not at that price point.

There are higher capacity cells, but you lose out on discharge current.

There are higher discharge cells, but you’ll lose out on capacity.

There are cheaper cells, but the suck all around.


eBay… look for the 10,000 mAh cells :wink:

Edit: this is clearly a joke

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ShitFire all the way.

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When ingot my cells lion wholsale was cheaper than nkon

Check the known good websites and buy from the cheapest.

Thanks. I’ve been using Foil Cell Lipos for years with RC Heli’s, but these single rolled cells are all new to me. Seems like there is a ton of BS and counterfeit stuff out there.

Maybe I’m better off just sticking with the RC style that I know inside and out or just buy a pre-built 10C pack.

There are pros and cons either way. Lipo pouch cells are prepackaged/wired and thus easier to work with if you’re not comfortable with soldering/spot welding, and they have a higher power density, meaning for a given power output the pack can be smaller and lighter.

They’re a lot less energy dense though, so you’ll get a lot more range from a pack of cylindrical cells than a similar sized lipo pack.

Cylindrical cells tend to last more cycles, so for a board that you expect to see a lot of use, you might end up having to replace lipos a lot sooner than if you used cylindrical cells.

Don’t do this. This is missing a sarcasm tag. This is how you find fake cells

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I’m fine with soldiering, but don’t have access to a spot welder, not do I want to buy one.

just make sure to not overheat the cells or else there will be damage.

I think you can buy pre-welded p-packs from @thisguyhere and just make your battery from those

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thanks @b264

i get my cells from nkon / liionwholesale, they’re legit.

but…not taking orders for a while, gotta get caught up with the orders i have now.