Where to buy hub motors?

Can anybody send some good links where i could get quality hub motors (except diyelectricskateboards.com i know they sell them)

I prefer to build a single hub esk8

I have a full set of Maytech 90mm hubs for sale. Never used.

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you can build a hub single but… hubs are low on torque… It wouldn’t be my plan. but if it was i’d look for hubs that have long stators like Hummie has in his. I don’t think he has any available atm but you could read up here to get a idea?

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a single. i’m going to do the long 103mm hub motors again and it makes a good single with a 4775 stator. or if youre happy with a max speed of 20 and not looking to do steep hills and youre not heavy I have some that will be done soon that will be good for a single. now I have everything to go should be riding and testing tomorrow

with the next motors I’ll make a better smoother wheel…these tires I can make almost water clear and it’s just the crappy mold finish ruining the translucence.


dude a 75mm stator… that is like two regular motors loong :wink: When Hummie has stock if you want a single hub i’d go with that if you are not in a hurry

I have this

I have the same motor Dick which I have bought online. They are pretty well.

I have W6 motors now, 90mm wheel, 28pole, with Hall sensore. but these motors are exnpensive even in china.

Do you have a link to those?

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you could buy from my ebay shop. or buy from me directly,that can save 10% ebay fee

I’d love to look at your eBay shop! You’ve touched on one of these things that makes me insane in this forum which is that so many members deal in parts but you never know who has what! I actually started a thread not long ago with the goal of trying to document everyone that sold stuff and links their site(s) - I was hoping it would become a sticky but alas…it faded away into the ether. I’ve always found it difficult to know who everyone is, who sells stuff, what stuff they sell, and if they currently have any of it in stock.


I think I can’t do that…, too many items I am selling, I almost sell anything about electric skateboard…

here are my 2 ebay shops.

Aha,you’re on eBay. I may have bought my dual hub motor esc from you!

I think so, I am the only ebay seller have that.

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Can you show us picture?

This one,90mm wheel, 28 pole, with hall. but expensive, need 140us+shipping


@dickyho How much real world testing have you actually done with your hub motors?

Also, did you design these hubs?

I ask for 2 reasons… Your prices seem high, not much under what we are selling for a motor more than twice as large, and for 2, motors that small will overheat and break after 15 minutes of riding on hills at 200 lbs. I could bore you with the technical details, but a lot of people have issues with tiny hubs like those, and fall into the trap of not knowing they are simply too small, and then feel scammed when they get one use and they break (at least I always did). This is why I found hummie and started working with him to design bigger, better hubs.

In fact, I never tested this one on my board. no time for that now, I am very busy every days. all I got is the date from the factory, and I am good with them, I trust what they told me…, I did tested many motorsmyself before, and I knew a 28 pole motor would do much better than 14 pole one, and produce much less heat.

expensive because this factory put a lot of money to develop this product. I do also have cheap 90mm hub motors for sell, the same one like Maytech. 40us/pc.

No, I dont design motors. Hub motors got heat alway a problem. this one in my link designed by my friend, seems to solved this problem. his very good engineer on this. many people have tested , it just got warm even after long drive.

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facepalm. You’ve never even tested them but your trying to sell them? Doesn’t sound right…

as I said, the factory did the test, and I trust them. they test will always more professional than my.

you have to understand, a seller will sell hundreds or thousands things, impossible to test every things.