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Which Li-Ion Battery? How to charge with BMS?

I had a similar post in another thread, but I wanted to add more detail and create a dedicated discussion thread.

I want to choose a battery setup under $100. I care more for distance than speed - 20mph max is good enough for me. I want at least 10,000mAh. What setup should I use?

MNKE 26650 vs BASEN IMR 26650 vs EFEST IMR 26650 vs MNKE IMR 26650 vs Samsung 25R5

Also, I have no clue how to charge these batteries. I want to charge them with this, is that possible?

I also want to get a BMS. Would this one work?

Lastly I did harvest some Samsung 25R5’s from old laptop batteries. They seem to be different models however. Would it be possible to combine them with other brands or with newer 25R5’s?

For the cells, go for big known brands (LG,Sony, Samsung, etc.).
Smaller brands like EFEST or Trustfire etc. are just repackaged cells that didn’t meet the criteria to be sold with the big brand name on them.

If I were you, I’d go for the samsung 25 (good price/mah).
But since I’m not you, I’d go for the LG 18650HG2, a bit pricier but I had very good experiences with them in my vaping gear.

MNKE 26650 vs BASEN IMR 26650 vs EFEST IMR 26650 vs MNKE IMR 26650 vs Samsung 25R5

I’m looking to make a setup that’s at least 10,000 mAh. What should I use? Thoughts?

What voltage, 6s 8s 10s or 12s?

I want to do 6s

Samsungs are only 2500 mah so you would need 24 cells for a 6s4p to get 10000 mah.
Basen 26650 are 4500mah so 12 cells for a 6s 2p for 9000mah

Which would be better in terms of performance/safety/longevity though?

In terms of safety/ longevity;
A123 lifepo 26650 cells

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Yeah, A123 makes the safest, longest lasting cells that are still high discharge cells. Only downside is that they only hold 2500mAh for 26650 sized cells. Great for shorter range builds unless you have a crap ton of space.

BTW Boosted Boards use a 12s1p pack of A123 cells.

you forgot that they are also super expensive compared to Samsung 25Rs!!

Not unless you do a group buy :smiley:

~$7 per cell is not bad at all for the some of the best cells around.

I think the A123s are a bit expensive for me haha. Which is the next best one from the list I gave?

it is double the samsung for the same mAh - this gets expensive really quick if you go for 20+ cells
Actually in Europe a A123 is more like 9€ while a Samsung sets you back 3.30€ - so three times the money.

Yeah true. I am planning on making two builds with 12s1p packs just for small boards. They fit great on a truncated Tesse and other smaller longboards.

They are definitely a bad idea for a build focused on range.

@FrozenFury I would personally make a 10s3p build if I were you. The higher the voltage, the less amps you have to draw to make the same wattage. I forget how much the raptor goes but it should be plenty of range.

10s3p build with which battery?

Also, I think due to budget constraints I’m gonna have to stick with 6s. I think I’ll go 6s3p. I’m aiming more for range, not speed. But what speeds do you think it would be able to get? Also which battery would you recommend for such a setup? I was thinking this one. Is it safe/reliable? It says it’s 15A. At what speed could that go?

Samsung 25Rs.

What is your budget? I’m not sure what wheels/pulleys you are using but use this calculator to estimate.

Those batteries look alright but I haven’t heard about that company. The reseller states that they are not in production anymore btw. They won’t be coming back instock.

What about this one in a 6s3p setup? Is it safe/reliable? It says it’s 15A. At what speed could that go?

Also this is my parts list

18.5 mph at 100% effiency. Make sure you have some way to attach that wheel pulley to the wheel!

Shoot. I am a total amateur. Is that not what the timing belt is for? What part would I need to do that?


You could get a pulley made for specific wheels. Enertion has one for Flywheel/Flywheel clones. DIY has Flywheel and Kegel compatible ones. category/electric-skateboard-parts/pulleys-belts/

If you’re interested, I may be selling a brand new orangatang Kegel wheel set with 2 pulleys already attached.