Who wants to take a ride with me in Florida?

Lets organize something. I’m in central Florida, Orlando area, where there are tons of bike trails, and i know some of you clowns are only a few hours away. I was thinking we could organize a few rides and party while the boards charge. Spring time would be great while the weather isn’t yet sweltering, but i’m game for this summer too.

Who’s in?

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would love too… ill let you know when I’m in the area!

you’re totally worth more than $300, so give yourself free shipping and ride a crate over!

I might be in the states later this year actually… my bro is on the west coast… but I’m sure a trip to the east is in order.

We’d love to have you visit some time! My Chief Engineering & Trials Inspector has expressed his interest in meeting you as well as others from the forum.

Sweet! Am I your bro on the west coast? When are you visiting?


Don’t know the dates yet… probably when its winter here…

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Let me know when you get it set up!

I’m defnitely interested :smile:

My bro and I usually go down to Orlando for Paintball World Cup (it’s actually a really cool experience- paintball was my main hobby before eboarding, and I still play a could times a month). We have also been to a few events at different paintball fields in Orlando just for fun.

I’d be down for driving down there early one morning, eboarding throughout the day, and then I’d play some paintball the following day to just make the whole trip worth it that much more. Haha I’d bring my brother of course, and at least now I have another board for him to ride.

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I’m headed down to Orlando for spring break with the family. If it is around that time I’m bringing the goods with me. Esk8 ride.

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Damn, I was just kicking it with my Padres in Homosassa. I can probably play for the two weeks around Christmas, otherwise any you head to Madrid and I’d be happy to go ride.


I am down to go to orlando. I got some friends there. Need to get up and running again first.

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Lets do this. I’m going to be free from may 19th to May 23rd. By free i mean my wife is going out of town for the weekend to attend a wedding, SO LETS SKATE SOME TRAILS. Lets make a weekend out of it, you can crash at my place. this is two months away, and after our VESCs come in, so we should all have our boards up by then.

Lets meet up at a yet-to-be-determined location on either Friday May 20th, Saturday, May 21st, or Sunday May 22nd. We can hit the trails till our rides die and then charge at my place and do it all over again until its too dark and we’re too drunk to do anything but eat stuff and watch Kung Fury repeatedly. Then we can do it again in the morning and then you can go back home and tell everyone how awesome it was.

I might even have some free swag, i have some t-shirts in the works and hopefully I’ll have them by then.

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That sound brilliant man. Wish I could join.


This is a mere two months away. If you need to schedule vacation from work, do it now. If you still live with your parents, start coming up with a story. Just let me know so we can schedule a day or two for this.

I’m taking all of those days off and I would rather skate with you peeps, but if i have to, i’ll resort to playing DOOM 4 for hours on end in the dark by myself.

haha I may end up just coming down for the day with my bro.

That would be awesome! I’ll have my oldest son with me too most likely now that i have two functional boards… or will by then. In fact i may have three personal rides by then, all street and relatively high watt-hours.


I have one functioning board atm (old reliable space cell/vesc/190kv combo with a @RunPlayBack enclosure), and with my Xcarve and 44 cells I’ll have a second board by the meetup date.

Heck, if I just buy 2 VESC’s for @Hummie’s hubz then I even have all the components for a third!

By the way, I think Saturday would work out best- I’d still have school friday, and church sunday. Like I said before it’d probably be my bro and I heading down there for the day.


Saturday sounds great! I’m really looking forward to meeting you peeps in person. You’re going to love these trails! I’m actually on my way out to one of the best ones now.


We meet at the first trail in the morning, head back to my place to recharge, then hit the second trail in the afternoon, which is much closer to my house so it won’t take long to get there. Then if you want to hang out and watch me play doom4, i’m game. lol

There is a park and ride directly off of exit 108 on I4 that we can all meet up at. that little loop below where the exit hits debary avenue is actually the park and ride.

I’ve got both of my boards up and running so i’m bringing my wife’s cousin (hopefully) since i think he might be getting the esk8 fever after i let him ride my rat board.

@cmatson see you there man!