Why are sensored setups ignored?

The ability to have the FULL control over a brushless motor doesn’t seem to catch anyone’s interest. I wonder why that is. Its the main reason why the boosted board feels so smooth taking off…help me out guys

@torqueboards has a sensored esc and motor that I’m using on my next build.

I don’t think it’s that that are ignored, I think it’s that most people are content with the exceptional sensoreless VESC performance.

Also, most hobby motors (like the turnigy sk3 series) aren’t sensored, so you have to search a little harder to find some that are.

VESC is also sensor capable.

I just feel that sensors add one more complication that’s unnecessary

Sensored 100% isn’t that great. It’s mainly beneficial on start-up. Unsensored on VESC is pretty good.

I made a modification to the VESC PCB to use a standard RC sensor port.

I’m hoping to do more testing with VESC’s sensored setup which is actually a sensored/sensorless hybrid since supposedly sensorless is better at higher speeds.

Totally agree. Its been really hard to find low KV motors that are sensored. But if worst comes to worst, i found that i am able to attach a hall sensor to most sensorless motors (check this out: http://e0designs.com/products/hall-effect-sensor-board/ ). For a second there, i was starting to think that people have tried, but failed.

how so? what was your experience?

From what I’ve heard. It’s mainly just smoother start-up. It’s not as efficient at higher speeds on sensored. There’s also a lot more to go wrong. What are you expecting from a sensored motor setup?

Just that, smoother startup. It just looks more professional. All that twitching looks like shit. One product looks like it was made by a student with his/her associates degree(twitching like its on crack), when the other was made by a masters graduate(smooth operator). I wouldn’t normally go the extra mile for a sensored set up, but when its something this obvious, its mandatory in my book. Plus, all of the BIG players in the Eboard game use sensors…

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IMO its still a skateboard. Push only once and you don’t need to worry about twitching.


Yeah, you can most definitely run it in sensored mode. Just most people don’t mind perhaps.

i would really prefer a sensored setup for the raptor because of the sound difference. frankly it’s a bit embarrassed driving in the city with these screeching motors (especially when braking)… i’m used to a much more quiet setups so i hope this becomes an option eventually

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I use dual 230kv sensored and I love it. Smooth on any incline. I bet it could pull me up a wall of it had traction lol without twichting

I agree, on campus I hated when my motors would twitch or when someone would try to use my board and it had a bit of a learning curve because the motors would go crazy under load unless you accelerated slowly. Embarrassing. sensors make it more professional

You might want to tweak your settings. I don’t own a Raptor but I’m running a single R-spec motor with a VESC and I can get going without twitching from practically standstil. And I weigh 95kg.

Oh no it’s not a raptor just an old board I have

Oops, misunderstood.

That is awesome. What speed controller are you using for the sensored setup? Also, are you running 6s, 8s, 10s?

Thanks! Well I’m not a speed demon I like range much more so I only run 6s. I’m also a sucker for a good deal so I run the fvt 120amp esc’s. Yes they are sensor capable but no one seems to use them. They cheap and get the job done pretty well. My max speed is around 25 ish which is plenty fast for me lol

Only problem is the wires that come with the motor, sensor wires, are made of some work hardening plastic and break off really easy. This is how they used to look. So I went and bought silicon wire ones and they work a lot better.

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lol your my hero. Much respect.

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