Why no reverse?

Serious question- Why doesnt anyone use the reverse function on the VESC? The only person I’ve seen use it over current control with brake is Vedder himself and that’s in his video. Can anyone shine some light on this? I only ask because i have this vision of using the force to make the board return to me… :joy:

Why do you need reverse?

Kinda pointless honestly… Going in reverse while on the board is not easy anyways.

for the force, man.



Actually it’s a valid reason lol


in my opinion, reverse Is only good for that one feature you just described… or showing off to people that you have an electric board. I have never seriously used reverse on a board while riding it. And I do not want my board to try and start going in reverse when i just want to brake while moving at a low speed. Brake only FTW. Reverse is pretty gimmicky.


meh- i can ride switch on my snowboard and skateboard pretty easily. I understand the gut reaction “why?” but what I’m asking is why not? Is there depleted braking performance? Has anyone done it??

I think @longhairedboy uses it on his board builds. Not sure if he does it on every one though

I guess I should re-frame the question— is there any detriment to performance in using it? more likely to blow the VESC? Too much return current? Shitty Braking? Too touchy? just curious here. I have nothing to do but ask questions at this point while im waiting on parts to arrive.

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Nevermind what I just said! Reverse would be very useful when I finally learn to do 180 stand up slides on my board!


There is no pause from brake to reverse on the vesc like a hobbywing ESC where you have to hit the brake twice to reverse so it’s kind of dangerous on a vesc.

its very convenient with no reverse when youre standing at a road and just dont want the board to coast forward -> full brake, done!

im using pure current control (with reverse) on my jet spud for 180S - its great for that, but a bit weird in urban traffic scenarios when you have to stand still somewhere. until those superlow rpms, reverse is just “current no reverse with braking” anyway, just under an erpm cutoff the motor actually goes into reverse with the vesc.

when you are just riding from A to B and carving, current no reverse with brakes is much better imo. and if you are used to that mode, its takes a while to get adjusted to pure current control, cause at least i am simply used to brake when you stand still … and then a reverse board goes full throttle backwards. lead to a few awkward moments :joy:

What @whitepony said. I tried reverse before, but quickly realized I never used it. It’s easier to just full brake while waiting at a light and not worry about suddenly jolting backwards from the reverse kicking in. I don’t think it’d be wise to get used to using reverse anyway as you may end up bracing the wrong way sometime…

That’s all he needs to explain guys lol

Good enough for me

Yeah when I had hobbywing it was fun to whistle at my board and say “come here boy” like if it was a dog

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I do it… I ain’t gonna lie

Come here boy…come on lol


because if there’s ever an issue where I need to suddenly get off the board, I can immediately stop the board from flying backwards or forwards when I fall.

I have to admit…there has been a few times that I was that wasn’t diligent and the board started to roll away from me …

I’m lazy

regardless of how it works internally, behaviorally the brakes go into effect prior to reverse. While it doesn’t behave exactly like a car ESC, it isn’t going to peel out in reverse and throw you while you are still moving forward. It will slow you down first then try to move you backwards. How it behaves is dictated mostly by your regen and motor min settings and partially by some crap in those other panels i totally don’t understand yet.

i like having reverse. If i drop something and have to walk back to get it, i can just bring my board back to me. Also i like being able to switch stance and just go backwards when i can’t turn around for whatever reason.

And sometimes you just miss the water fountain by a few feet and just want to back up a little.

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In my motor controller, I programmed reverse into it and then day later I removed it from the firmware, because I realized I wasn’t going to use it ever. Sure it was fun testing it, pushing the board forward and then having it return back to you, but other than that I didn’t feel the feature was needed.