Why so much hate?

So today on my way back home from school some old motherfucking lady tried to spit on me for absolutely no reason. What’s wrong with these people??

And then other times people would scream out cheater or some bullshit. Why the fuck are people such assholes?

Has this happened to any of you guys?


Dude why so you even bother? People are just assholes



…even grandma ma :joy::joy: also she probably couldn’t/didn’t even see ya (IDK).

Karma will come full circle on them.

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Humans are like that. There are no reasons for it. I’m surprised it was an old lady though. The cheating comment I’ve gotten, but I see it in a joke-ish comment.

I believe it was @mmaner who had a 2x4 thrown in his path?


If you’ve ever worked retail, you learn that most people are assholes. Don’t give them a second glance and be on your merry way.


I had some kids throw a soda at me out of their car window one night while I was on my esk8.

They hate u, cuz they ain’t us.

But the same thing happened once in a while on my bicycle. I think that anonymity inspires some folks to explore their worst inclinations. Knowing that they can “get away with it” facilitates the exploration of bad behavior. which is the definition of a shitty person. Their punishment is having to live with themselves.


Yep, that was me… I’m honestly never surprised though. If you’ve ever waited tables or worked a retail counter it becomes very clear very fast that world is full of ass hats. Fortunately the world is also full of well meaning generous people, just gotta find them. Being kind is an act or purpose, it doesn’t happen by accident.


She was obviously mad that she didn’t have an esk8 and that even if she did, she couldn’t use it. She was jealous as **** and probably hasn’t had any d for a while either


I don’t have an eskate right now but I’ve had nothing but love on a normal longboard

Almost got hit by a car that tried speeding in a street, but I was riding the speed limit in that street. I ended up faling at the side of the road and he fleed.

Also had a guy tried to stop me, he was sitting in a regular city street at his front door. Probably thought I was driving to fast or to dangerous, but I was only riding 15 km/h because there were kids around… Didn’t bother to stop and make a scene though. Just took the yelling and ride on.

People sometimes disagree with what we do, but hey, for every one person that acts like an asshole to me, there are 20 who complement on the innovation or cool idea.


People don’t like different.


Spot on!

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My advice to you is don’t react. By not reacting, you control the scenario…not them. Always live life on your terms. Take evasive action when needed by reacting with your reflexes and skill, but don’t react with your emotions. The streets are not the place to find sympathy.

Example: last weekend I decided to open-up my board on a smooth section of road at Fisherman’s Wharf in SF. Immediately after, I heard someone from the crowd yell, “cheater!!!”. He was damn right…I was cheating physics and it was disturbing the programming in his feeble little mind.

Number of fcks given: zero.

Shortly after that, a Honda Civic full of teen low-lives (you know the kind), attempted to smash me into the curb just before a right-turn at the intersection. I simply anticipated said assholery, leaned on my brakes, carved around their car, and then opened-up the accelerator.

Number of fcks given: zero.


Well this past Friday my Skate got ran over by an asshat that decided not to stop at a cross walk. I had to bail out and he ran over the nose of my deck, deck flew like 15 feet in the air. The guy…ran over the deck, his front wheel kinda jumped up and he didn’t even stop to see what happen! Just kept on going!

Results are a cracked brand new Bustin Royce Pro deck and a bent front truck. I think my 90mm flywheel are intact. Still got to take it apart to do a damage control. Good thing is that i haven’t electrified the board yet so it was still a regular push board. Even though, gotta drop have to drop like $150 to $200 on deck and new trucks.

So yeah…people are assholes.


I think Granny was overcome with lust and did not know how to express her feelings properly.

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Lots of haters out there. Try to ignore if possible. You won’t win against a person in a car. Lots of road rage out there. Be safe. Those people hate everything, not just you.


I live near a “rough school” and when I used to cycle to my school (a diffent one to the rough one) down a hill all the kids walking up the hill first started shouting at me which I didn’t really mind, then they started to jump in-front of me while i was speeding down a hill on my bike at 35km/h at-least and I had to swerve onto the other lane and I almost went head on into a car this really annoyed me but what just stopped me from cycling all together was some scumbag spit bloody flem straight onto my hand it was so disgusting.

because of that I dont even try esk8 to school.

I dont understand why people do these things but unfortunately we’ll never get away from them so its better to just ignore them I think


Don’t let the trolls change the way you live. Just ignore them. Keep riding or doing whatever you need to do.

I also noticed how different people treat me:

A) when I have the helmet on with a gopro mounted on it versus B) when I have the helmet on with no camera

You’d be surprised how everyone is so nice when they might be being recorded


One time I was 1 block from my home some ass hol follow me and honk for 5 min and when we stoped at lights he down the window told me to not ride board on rd. I had enough so I kicked his door as hard as I can and dented reall bad. he walk out the door so I ran off at full blast. I bet he didn’t see that comming


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