Why so much hate?

Had a dude try to run me off the sidewalk. I was going extremely safe and off to one side because i couldnt ride in the street at that moment. The guy leaned towards me and tried to bump me. I shoulder checked him and proceeded to curse him out and prepare to defend myself from a drunk vagrant.

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…because that’s a trouble free response and really help further the acceptance od esk8’s…

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Y’all just need to ride aggressively defensive. And roll on like @b264 said.

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yeah, not really the best solution

Well, When I’m on an electric skateboard it’s like people are nicer and intrigued.

Edit: when I come to think about it there was some retarted F*** you get off the path moments :joy: but not noticeably more than when I was on push longboard. But I can’t stay angry at them because they could of had a bad day or just have issues.

No and No! These kind of behavior is no better than those who did you wrong.

oh @chewie , you probably meant magazine, not your fault because the movie industry eff this up for a lot of people.


I can’t be the cool kid who doesn’t react to bullys. I even go out help and fight back to them for others. I expelled few back in high school.

To my defense I did nothing wrong riding community rd where just 2 cars using each lane. And one of them had to mess with me and follow and honk and dare to say not to ride in my town.

He is lucky I didn’t grab my board and start hammering his window.

I also do part of @Chewie’s suggestion but not the other part

Also - not a clip - as @Mikenopolis noted

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No I meant clip, I think the M1 Garand is the perfect carry weapon. no this wasn’t a serious answer for what you should do if someone yells at you, I’m sorry I have to explain that…


Last week, had some crazy lady honk and yell at my buddy and I while we were in the bike lane. My buddy yelled back at her and she slammed on her brakes and pulled into the bike lane nearly hitting us.

To be honest, I was totally caught off guard. I’ve been very lucky and had almost no issues riding in my area, I just wasn’t expecting the random totally unprovoked anger.

She stopped with her passenger side front tire inches from my board. I normally carry a pocket knife and if I’d had it with me, I’d have slashed her tire without a second thought. I actually went to grab it and remembered I left it at home. In hindsight, I’m glad I didn’t have it, she might have it coming, but I don’t want her bitching to the cops that would likely end up asking her what happened.

I see your point in some ways, but in high school your actions probably won’t land you in jail, as you get older and continue to push back in this way, it also becomes a criminal act. Sure, you can go to court and explain this it to the judge and hope he reduces your sentencing or maybe your case gets dropped. But you lose time and legal fees. Sometimes, it’s just best to let certain things go.


Think it’s just a case of “vocal minority” (loud but small group) of both positive and negative things. Mostly I’ll get people who are cool and positive about it if they just see me in a restaurant or generally people walking/biking around (people who see drivers as the opposition I guess). Have had people compliment me on the board or try to buy it off me or try to get me to build them one (without knowing anything about it), but I’ve also had a few negative encounters mostly someone hollering out the car window.

Strangely I’m in a fairly homicidal city yet haven’t had anyone try to run me off the road (granted I keep to side streets as much as possible).

To add I also had a guy go the wrong way down a one way (following me) to ask me about buying it off me (was with his family who all seemed psyched about it was a pretty funny encounter)

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are you sure you are riding an esk8 and not a wheelchair? who carries that?

WWII Marines!

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Were you riding fast? I feel like people don’t like you blazing around on a skateboard. Since i limited my board to 15km/h i’ve not even had a glance.

I have more issues riding slow on the street then fast.

Just ride 35mph and under streets…and ride the speed limit. Stay off of main roads. It’s pretty easy to avoid issues… If you can’t go the speed limit don’t skate on the street?

So you are asking why popele are assholes. Well shiat, let me grab a beer and dinner this is going to take a while.

No but in all seriousness, as soon as you enter the Orion Arm and first come up to the way marker of our solar system there is Earth, where you have to agree to the GTC to proceed:

" I hereby agree to expose myself to a harmful and toxic structure. Where the occupants despise all different ways of life (and life forms) that aren’t the same as theirs. Ridiculing or aggressively opposing any rational discussion which doesn’t comfort to their bias, would be the earthlings most prominent trait. So visitors must be aware that any form of decency, respect and sincerity will be violated based on your appearance and mode of transportation.

PS: We further advice visitors never to creat a situation where an earthling is forced into a state which is called “thinking”, where they pretend to use their cognitive nervous system to produce an adequate solution to any given input, while confusing it with “truth”.A principal we haven’t yet been able to define.

I am sorry for my ramblings, but trying to study (philosophy/cosmology) and coming home after a night out is a hell of a combination. :slight_smile:


Huh? So you’re saying if you can’t do 40mph you should ride on the sidewalk? Should cyclists also stay off the streets? lol

He said ride streets that are 35mph and under.

I just had two negatives recently for the first time in months.

One guy yelled “Helmet Head” out of a car window, lol. That one’s my favorite :smiley:

Another guy said I should “Ride a real skateboard” as I flew past his group tss tss tsss

Just don’t let it bother ya, be yourself. It’s cliche but the only way to have fun in life

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