Willpark16 “situation “

Damn, I’m so sorry to read this man.

However, the fix seems to be pretty simple just needs a charge port swap.

I’d also suggest to check the balance of the packs and add fish paper between packs.

If you are willing to improve the battery yourself I offer we make a FaceTime call and we’ll fix it together for good.


@Mikenopolis sorry to hear about your bad luck. This post aligns with forum guidelines and it will not be deleted. You’re selling a used part, and the context regarding how you received it (and why you’re selling it) is relevant. Although we generally discourage public posting of private messages.

@willpark16 don’t be an alextech. Contact @Mikenopolis and settle this pls. You know that our community doesn’t tolerate dodgy business behavior. We’ll suspend your account if this isn’t resolved.


Thanks Jaime.

There was no intention of suspending his account. I posted this to take the loss and explain to potential buyer of what to expect which is something he should’ve done. There could be various reasons for him to not respond. One of which is rudeness and age (not that it’s an excuse) but maybe this will give him a chance to redeem himself.

I do plan to learn battery building skill at psychotiller’s and help with those EXO battery packs when the cells come in.


i think he’s probably just stalling trying to get bucks and he took a while to pay me back.

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Maybe. I did give him three weeks. My expectations is first and foremost communication.

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ooo . 3 weeks. well he does have motors and isn’t out of the game. im betting he’ll figure it out. pretty sure his fam has bucks at least.

If he isn’t banned, he should at least be prohibited from selling parts on here. Not cool to string members along like this. If he was communicating, maybe it would be a different story.


Aaaaaaaaand not to play devil’s advocate or anything but realistically we can only make assumptions what his intentions were… Be it ignorance, immaturity, needing money, not caring, wanting to sell someone a battery, needing to get rid of it to take his date out to a nice dinner and a down payment on financial for an engagement ring (I know, a bit young), make a car payment, busy with school work or work, dog lost an arm and has to pay for prosthetics, paying for grandmother’s cancer treatment out of goodwill and in the dread of the moments didn’t realize what other people thought would be good info should maybe be shared…

Really we can only assume. Mike has had contact with the guy, so I’d assume mike can probably assume the most accurately… But still . . I hope whatever the guys going through that it comes to terms with the side of the community as a whole as well.

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I can support this post @Mikenopolis and I know each other for a while and he knows I have been through similar stuff with @willpark16. Its a lot of stuff to go into detail here but I am just stating my opinion and @Mikenopolis has been a cool guy/honest/patient enough since day 1. @willpark16 make contact with us and face this like an adult.


He sold me some bad diy hubs and after that he said that he didn’t try them but that they work


How is it that minors are allowed to use this forum as a sales platform? It’s an invitation to commit fraud with zero consequences.


Typical move from @willpark16

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Sorry to hear man :frowning:

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I’ve tried to move some posts here to get the clutter away from the for sale thread for @Mikenopolis’s battery.


It’s not a “zero consequence” situation. If @Mikenopolis had decided to press charges, then he could still get his money back whether @willpark16 is a minor or not. He simply decided to be kind. In addition, based on Will’s actions in this situation the moderators will be determining new restrictions for him regarding business transactions, as well as possible suspension.

On a personal note, I guess it’s a sort of dilemma. I’m a minor, and I’ve done several sales on the forum (not as a business though). I think that regardless of your age, the expectations on the forum are:

  • that the seller is transparent as to potential flaws of the item(s) as well as the age of said goods -that the customer makes him/herself aware of the condition of goods
  • PayPal business or another secure form of payment is used in the transaction

If these expectations are met, there is a far lower chance that something will go wrong. I’ve been here for quite a while as both a member and moderator, and I don’t believe that many of the adults here treat me any differently because of my age. I am thankful for that, and I attribute that to fair and honest behavior in regular communication and transactions (from both parties)


Thanks for splitting the battery discussion vs sale. The battery is pending sale at the moment and I’ll be dropping it off at psychotiller’s place on Friday for buyer’s pick up.

I’ve spoken to Miguel who said the port was not from his busted board, which mean Will might just have a collection of old parts that he used. I happened to get the short end on the stick. Decided to get a refund that he said was going to happen. If the history of this battery was mentioned I would never have been the buyer due to my paranoid self. So taking the $200 lost or potentially more is on me for my trust in him. Lesson learned. PayPal as goods and services with credit card for full protection going forward with him is the only way to go


To my it just seems weird that now he would choose to maybe scam people he has been on the forum for 3 years. Maybe there should be some guidelines now for selling some parts

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To me it seems like he gone ghost either due an incident or him scrambling to acquire the funds necessary to do a refund. Hell his phone bill might not be paid if he’s that kind of minor. I’m sure it’ll all work it self out

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With the private communications I’ve had with other guys here. He’s had some pretty iffy transactions with others.

I wouldn’t say for certain that he purposely attempted to scam me. If he had used a NEW charge port, this probably wouldn’t have happened. The busted LCD and ghetto taped switch is off putting but not anything one can’t improve. I did see this thing prior to payment. Sadly didn’t notice Miguel’s address in the box until well after.

The issue is that he promised a refund. I even said I only wanted $460 instead of the $500 becuase it was my paranoia that makes me refuse to use the battery after burning my finger. He ignored my message for a few days after Dave suggested I take that refund. When I messaged him again a few days later telling him that iOS actually says “read” when you view a message. He replied, then turned turned the feature off…or lost his phone, or died? If alive. He could’ve easily contacted me here.

His being here for 3 years and an active member is why I paid cash. Maybe this is an out of ordinary life issue that’s beyond his control which is another reason I can only speculate the lack of communication on his part and the money is not large enough for me to sue a kid


I’m 100% on your side as you have tried everything you could and even taken extra steps I hope this gets resolved be but maybe there should be some guidelines for selling like no minors. I know it would hurt some on here but maybe best for legal reasons