Working on a Company Directory for Electric Skateboards, Parts & Accessories

Hi Everyone,

I’ve recently began working on a company directory for the electric skateboarding community and looking to find specific online companies which sell parts, accessories and other electric skateboards. You can view it here.

As you can imagine there is a big list of companies and I was hoping that some of you may know of different companies I could add to the directory.

I’ve seen a few a threads already on the most commonly parts used but wanted to build a seperate site with the aim of providing information to all in a cleaner style.

I am hoping to get some feedback about the site and if there are any companies or categories I’ve maybe missed. I know there is probably a lot of companies on the market but the site is still in it’s early stage so I’m sure you can understand.

Full disclaimer. I’m not affiliated, associated or connected with any of the companies which are linked on the page. The site itself is for informational purposes only and I’m not trying to make any monetary value from this. I’ve just noticed a void which I feel I’d like to dedicate some of my time too.


You could probably add Jet Skateboards and Bustin Boards for decks

How about a VESC category under electronics :wink:

theres a few lists on reddit that have sheets of companies/brands that have popped up in the last few months…

i’m working on something similar wiki/glossary as part of my site. But there are tons of new Rebrand companies so I decided to only list the ones with actual unique products, and customer service.

since you’re already going at it. i’m just gonna leave my list where it is, and link you for a full list. :wink:

@lox897 Thanks for the suggestions mate. I’ve added those to the directory.

@zmoney I’d be happy to add a VESC badge such likeunder the electronics category.

@saul Thanks for the list mate, I’ll start going through them and adding them :slight_smile:

EPIC skateboards , (Thing in aus) torque boards since they sell completes now, and if you count kickstrters you can put leaf and buffalo boards

@Pathaim I’ve added EPIC Skateboards. I couldn’t find Torque Boards anywhere, can you send me a link? In regards to kickstarter projects, I’m still trying to decide whether or not to include them because if you’ve noticed, sometimes when a kickstarter project fails, they don’t always end up continuing the project. This isn’t always the case always but I’m open to your/anyone’s thoughts on this.


their you go, they also resell ESC with modified firmware i believe. also,

And more companies that sell completes :

Marbel Metroboard

EDIT : Also under electronics and possibly other sections, DIY electric skateboards sell a range of parts

@Pathaim Have organised the electronics category a little more so it’s more specific for those who sell VESC i.e.

Also Marbel and Metroboard have already been added :slight_smile:

HobbyKing don’t sell VESC… unless that is for electronics.

@lox897 That’s just for Electronics.

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You could ad us in: Trampa

Frank Has switches and BT-modules. @VladPomogaev’s site. has both boards and parts. (forgot his username on the forums) has pulleys, motors, remotes etc. has a BT-module that works with telemetry app. @rpasichnyk’s site. sells trucks, mounts, etc. @ProtoBoards’s site. sells VESC’s and connectors. @Karen_Vanda’s site. sells remotes, enclosures and other stuff. @psychotiller’s site sells VESC’s and other parts is a amazon-like site for parts. Created by @JLabs I think.


@trampa Added :slight_smile:

@rwxr Added most of the sites you suggested. Some of which were already on the directory. One of the issues though is a lot of the sites don’t have a logo so just takes a little more time for each one to be added.

1 Like* sell Deck´s, Truck´s, Wheels, Anti spark, VESC and al the other Parts what you need to build your own Electric Skateboard regardless of whether Longboard or Mountain Board.

By became you al Parts what you need to build your Own Custom Board.

all good time

@esk8 Updated directory listing to cover categories.

You can put in zumiez for trucks specifically the link to Caliber Trucks

Maybe a sub catagory in motors for hubs? Like Carvon, Jacobs hubs, hummies, etc?

@Esrapp21 Will add that soon :slight_smile: Let me know if you know of any other hub motors in the mean time.

Hi, really nice site…just one thing, I can’t open the links on eskate companies in a new bookmark…Idk why, it would be nice, if it were possible…