Let me introduce you the SMART series. This starts with our 32T 15mm AL7075, black anodization pulley for Orangatang Kegel wheels. For the details lovers, they are really light, strong and provide full clearance on a Caliber 2 truck, even without any wheel spacer. I’ve also added a smooth internal curve to get a sleek finish. If any interest, I’m going to organize a group buy on these as we ship worldwide.

Didn’t have the time to see if they fit on my pair of Ronin, will report back later on today.


Really liking the finish of it! Could you explain the pro’s and con’s compared to a normal pulley like the enertion one?

Not wanting to spoil Unik, but the pro is the price (this piece is easier to produce). The pro of the enertion one is probably better mecanical properties. BTW, unik also produce the enertion like ones :

So a milled pulley is cheaper to produce than a plastic one? I doubt that…

There is a misunderstanding here. I was refering to the two concepts by Unik (which are both in Aluminium).

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I geuss these dont need truck modification? Was referring to ABEC wheels actually, noticed the kegel structure later. Im just considering if this is actually better than a plastic pulley and also cost-effective. Like if this pulley costs 50€ and a plastic one 30€ but the plastic one only lasts for 6 months while the aluminium rocks 2 years. Meaning the aluminium saves 70€ long-term.

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The new version with full clearance, like the Trampa ( or new too now, I think I have see), is realy a second option that unik had to propose ! Now want them too :smile: haha .

Just to add my pov, I got the Pro one … its magic to set up (compared to ADS or DIYES) !!! Look forward to try them for a ride ! (soooooon) I also got the FW version (but just one …100€ pieces… it’s a masterpiece ! But I need an other one for DUAL…) So I dont used it too,…cause my proto board isn’t set with caliber, Paris or Ronin trucks… and it’s hard to set …


Now, could we wait for more ratio configuration for this Smart diy section ?


thanks ! here’s a little unedited sneek peak video of our SMART series which include the pulley but also … the mount … This has been filmed by Benjy to show you what we are up to. The alignement of the pulley is … pretty good at least :slight_smile:


Will you have a 36T for Kegal also?

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sure, I can make a custom series on a group buy and if there’s any interest, but why do you want to go 36T, the clearance is really low to the ground. What about 32T / 15T ?

yes maybe more for FW ABEC11 séries and clones (83/90/97/107mm)

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Yes. We have also FW ABEC 11 32T/36T pulleys.

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for the weight balance lovers … this is what I call light … in grams.

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yeah ! few more photos just taken; full driver clearance on my Ronin and Paris trucks and this even without any spacers.


Let me introduce you our molded ABS enclosure made within an automotive company. This is sold with a laser cut professional foam to remove vibrations and have a pretty sweet finish. This is a 10S3P pack with a load of BMS that you can easily fit… and add two VESCs, antisparks for the dual lovers or single buddy !


here’s the video ! and for those who still doubt, I always pay a huge attention to details! I just received a package with these, first come, first served !

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@unik why do the enclosures get taller like stairs?

to have the slimmest and sleekest enclosure possible. Cells, then Cells+BMS, then VESCs/ESCs/Antispark. This is really subtle and really thin below the deck.

happy riding!

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Kegal Pulley for 15mm belts is how Wide…16, 17mm ?

And how close.are they to Kegal wheel when installed …1mm ??

15mm. 1mm clearance, perfect fit.

got a huge announcement coming in the next minutes about the price of our enclosure !

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