Worldwide VESC directory

In preparation for my first build, I made a worldwide list of VESC vendors.

But remember, not all VESCs are created equal: You may get a significantly better quality VESC and/or better service & support by spending a little bit more. (Conversely, there are plenty of happy customers at different price points, so do your research). And remember that this community rocks, so support it when you can.

The lists below are partitioned by region but otherwise are in no particular order.

USA Ollin Board Company, New Mexico — $165 Axle, New Jersey – $110 DIYElectricSkateboard, Texas — $99.99 Miami Electric Boards, Florida — $110 Carvon, California — $99 (+ purchase of hub motor)

AUS Enertion - VESC-x — $168.37

ASIA Vanda Electronics, Taiwan — $98-$110 Michobby, China — $99.80 (Maytech) E-Greenmotion, Israel & UK — $120

EUROPE Unik, France — €124.17 Protoboards, UK — £95.00 Alien Power System, UK — £89.00, Germany — €139.00-€149.00 Phoenix Vesc (, UK — €119.99-€129.99 Faraday Motion, Germany — €128,99 Scramboards, UK — £110.00

Good luck and safe riding to all. If I forgot a vendor, please let me know and I’ll update the list!


it´s Axle not Axel :smiley: who dafu is Axel? :smiley: @zmoney should know

Whoops! Updated :slight_smile: I have a buddy who goes by Axel, so it was some silly typo on my part.

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And Unik´s Vesc is 149€

Link? That’s the price that shows up for me (also out of stock).

hmm than it seems like it depends on where you are from:

@unik what is up with the different prices?

Carvon also sells VESCs out of Southern California. $99 a pop.


Strange, maybe it’s VAT? (I see you are in Germany, meanwhile I’m not in Europe)

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Got my back! Thanks man!

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it’s because of VAT; to be fair and legal we sell without VAT and with VAT.


There is also

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We have VESC too from Germany

Not the cheapest, but with a good support.

But we work at the Price !

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Yup, you guys are up there :thumbsup:

Thats great :+1:

this company has warehoue in UK and in israel

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Even though im a little late with this but somethings just have to be said. Thank you!

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We have found a new manufacturer Whereby we can make the prices lower. Can you please correct this 139.-€ - 149.-€ In Stock


Updated! :slight_smile:

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Maybe we should add who is selling Maytech VESCs without a bootloader. Seems like that problem pops up quite often now.

e-greenmotion, michobby, protoboards and alien resell Maytech VESCs as far as I can tell


How hard is it to getting them working if they come without a bootloader?