Wowgo & Meepo Sanyo Battery Packs

Wowgo and Meepo both offer their “extended range” battery packs, both stating usage of Sanyo cells.

What configuration are these? Anyone use these in DIY builds?

(there is an option for a Sanyo 8.5 Ah)

I’m using the pack from meepo and getting around 26-32km range.

30amp max current discharge. And I’m on the safe side for charging so just -1amp right now.

EDIT! was a typo. Was supposed to write -1amp.

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what?! are you chareging at 10a?!

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Haha no I’m not. -1amp was a typo on my phone.

Meepo sells a 3amp fast charger for sanyo cells,

Are these 10s?

I did build one myself two day’s ago.

You get quite good size to capacity ratio. But at 30A (15each) it does såg a bit. Defenlty more than Vtc6. They are supposed to have low capacity loss though, at least that’s what I have read.


How does one of those Sanyo packs compare to a Samsung 30Q 10S3P pack? The cost ends up being very similar and it seems like the Sanyo is composed of superior cells right?

Price wise you can calculate yourself. Unless you have space constraints i wold most likely chose 30Q. You would get higher discharge rate and higher charge rate. 10s2p sanyo will give you 8Ah, 10a3p Samsung will gince 9Ah

Sorry, I’m sort of a noob, been doing a lot of research but still learning. You’re saying the pack of Samsungs would generally be better? I’ve read a lot of hype about the “Tesla Batteries”.

Tesla uses Panasonic right?

All the Chinaboard companies advertise the Sanyo pack as “Tesla”, but I guess that could just be misleading marketing…

@bobbobman Dont take my word for granted. But in my opinion yes. @Bobby Tesla does not tell what they use. But they have used a slightly modified Panasonic 3400mAh for Models S and X. While for Model 3 they use (from what i read) the same battery as these Sanyo. Panasonic owns Sanyo, and has invested a lot in Gigafactory. So i think in principle Panasonic, Sanyo and Tesle batteries are the same.

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Tesla batteries are only used in Tesla Model 3 and are not sold anywhere else. So they are not Tesla batteries. But they are Sanyo. Shape and size is tha same and maybe the chemistry is quite alike but they are Sanyo.

I find that the sanyo 20700b cell perfect for lightweight builds but I can be wrong. Will build a 10s3p for my next board.

How come?. @CBom

20x63gram=1250gr sanyo 20700b 8Ahx36v=288Wh(230Wh/kg) Max 30A C.Discharge
30x45gram=1350gr samsunb 30q 9Ahx36v=324Wh(240Wh/kg) Max 45A C.Discharge

Don’t get me wrong I use them myself. But from a performance and price point if there are no space constraints there is no good reason to buy 20700B yet.


Holy crap. I had no idea that the weight difference was so little. Thank you. Still new to all this.

Would it be feasible to take the cells of the Wowgo2s (Samsung 18650 10s2p), purchase an extra 10 cells and make it a 10s3p?

As much as I am disappointed at the general specification of the meepo components, I must applaud their effort of selling the individual parts for builders to customise their rides.

And its nice to see that they are offering flight safe 10S batteries!

With that in mind has anyone taken the shrink wrap off of these to confirm the cell they’ve used? I wonder how easy it would be to rearrange these into a flat pack configuration?


Except the 20700b will recharge 10x more.