WTB 2 6384 170kv-190kv Motors

APS is going to take about 5-7 weeks for their 6384 motors to be back in stock and I REALLY don’t want to wait that long… Please message me if you have some your willing to sell. (Prefferably new)

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Do you have all the other components ready to go? If not, just order those. It always takes longer than you think to compile all your stuff. If its not the motora you are waiting on it will surely be something else, lol.


I don’t but I’m placing the order for everything, and it shouldn’t be more than 2 weeks for EVERYTHING, except of course now, the motors… If I could fit 80mm to the fatboy mini 1:3 drive system I got I would, but they only go up to 63mm unforunately…

“2 weeks” my ass… lol.


Ok, even if things take longer then 2 weeks, they won’t be anywhere near 5-7 weeks. Everything in ordering in is stock, it’s not like I’m also waiting on so Carvon’s. I’m ordering a complete Trampa setup, I’ve got the drive system on the way, the enclosure will be about 2 weeks, batteries should be a couple weeks. The VESC’s could take a couple weeks, that’s really the only unknown… Besides the motors.

i have two sk3 6354 260kv motors that are practically unused…they have maybe 5km on them…i know its not what youre looking for but pm if interested

Thought you were a hummie guy?


What ESC’s are you going to use, You’ve jumped around on many of the ESC’s thread. Are you still intent on a 4wd build?

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Probably an aside build. It’s never easy in this hobby to stay one on build :frowning:


Not to jack your thread or anything but if after you get sorted out and someone wants to sell me a motor of simlar size and kv I would be interested :slight_smile:

edit didnt mean to respond to you specifically haha. my bad.

I am a Hummie guy but as someone pointed out, and as I’ve mentioned before, I’m building two boards, this one is for a friend of mine. I’m having to put the Hummie build on hold though due to some personal issues that came up, so the money financing this build is my friends. Once i’m able to though, I fully intend to continue with a 4WD Hummie build.

Also I haven’t jumped from VESC to VESC. I’ve wanted the ESCape the whole time. Just cause I’ve shown interest and wanted to know things about other VESC’s doesn’t mean I’m not still going with an ESCape.

Regardless, none of that has to do with the topic at hand. Still looking for two 6384’s… I was going to consider the Ollin 6085 motor, but it’s out of stock, and also it’s probably too high a kv at 200kv…

The ollin is just a sensored sk3 I do believe. Good luck on da hunt.

Bruno literally just got a shipment in. It probably wouldn’t be that long…

Just to stop a flaming stuff, he has already ordered FatBoy Mini Drive Train 1:3 for trampa :wink: Its in the queue for making :slight_smile:


I’d hope that would be the case, but he emailed me today with that time frame…

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Remember, Listed KV’s are never the true KV

Can @JLabs not help you out with some motors?

I’ll message him. How could he help me?

He has a store that sell motors in the us. Buildkit boards.

Ok thanks guys!