WTB Flipsky 6354 Motors 190kv

Looking for a pair of new or lightly used Flipsky type canister black motors. From SoCal. Tired of waiting for their so called promotions. PM me if you got some.

Next big promotion will probably be either an autumn sale or likely a large sale on black friday

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Thanks buddy. Just wondering if there are good reviews on those? I have blue enertion r-specs now and tired of them 3 wires shortening. Too much time consumption to repair :rage:

The motors are rarely more than $5 off. They are already sold at extremely cheap prices with very little profit.

Not really. They’re not made by flipsky and at bulk they’re quite a lot less than the price on flipsky’s website. Last black friday they had 50% off pretty much everything but they used those older C6374s then.

Yes I read a thread about Flipsky’s motor having loose magnets but only from the larger 6374 motors and not the 6354s. I just like their stealthy look. Can anyone that owns these motors give me some feedback? I also looked into the HobbyKing’s SK8s but I don’t want to change out my trucks as they aren’t really 6354/6355.

Well the newer H ones look nicer, better sealed and I’ve been running them (From the manufacturer though with minor changes, but hopefully similar) without issues. But its at scale that issues pop up, but I haven’t heard any negatives yet and they’ve been out for a few months.

are you talking about the Hobbyking SK8 motor?

No, flipsky ones. Apparently SK8s have gone downhill recently and aren’t really as good value :confused: There are some posts here if you search for them

Ah OK, i see what you’re talking about. Those H versions have a 10mm shaft. I actually like the older version: BLDC Belt Motor 6354 190KV 2450W for Electric Skateboard

They seem to be better designed than the Torqueboard’s 6355 motors.

They’re not, TB ones are better for sure. More power packed into the same can size and a better reliability record.


Someone in the bay is selling tb 6354s. Try these maybe


They are made by freerchobby and in bulk prices they sell for $32 each, and they dont have sensors. They will add sensors in bulk for $3 per motor.

I know this because i recieved there pricing list when i was planning a possible group buy.

I will have to delete this post soon though. It is technically confidential information. Surely giving away 1 price without stating MOQ or custom brand labelling costs doesnt violate it too much…

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I notice they have 2 styles. The TorqueBoard style is the old style? The all round sleek model are the newer ones? Thanks @Dirt_Bag for those. Would there be any group buy in the near future? I’ve done GBs before!

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It was for 63100 motors, i just recieved the list for all of their 14p motors.

And yes, the FS ones are the newer model with a top retainer ring on the magnets as well as tighter stator clearence for better efficiency and more torque. The first time FS had them they sucked though. The bearings would break and magnets were low temp and would demagnetize with heat. Now they have been fixed.

On a side note, if you see cheap flipsky motors on sites like aliexpress or banggood, they are the old models being gotten rid of. They are not worth buying anywhere but from flipsky.

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I’m particularly looking for this style.

Anyone have a good idea how to prevent them Enertion RSpec motors’ phase wires inside the canister from touching each other? I can only do the shrinkwrap so much within the plate :frowning:

Conformal Coating

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would i have to sign up for another forum? I have lost count of my userIDs and passwords from all these forums.

You should sign up there anyway. Traffic here has really slowed down. I’d imagine most members putting together a group Buys in the future will do it om