Wtb hub motors!

Hey guys just like the tittle says. Looking to buy really nice hub motors, torque ones ans with a nice speed as well. Let me know what you guys have

I’m picking up the backfire hubs myself for my travel board :slight_smile:



that’s not a bad price.

I was just given some dealer prices on the koowheel D3M ( Onyx ) hubs so i’m toying with the idea of turning that into a group buy or possibly even buying a few outright and selling them for DIYers.

been riding around on a the new koowheel for a month or so and its a great beginner board, but i think the hubs could take a lot more abuse than that board could give it since its so low powered and then governed on top of it.

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What I appreciate about the backfire hubs is the extended stator that protudes from the wheel, a la Carvon.

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I wondee how fast those go with a 10sp3 and if its able to climb hills and such

well the backfire 2 uses 10s and goes about 22-24mph. I’ll be running mine at 12s if I can fit everything in the enclosure.

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Hmmm i want that 30 hit mark.

Theoretical max at 12s is 29mph, you probably lost a couple mph through inefficiencies, but it gets wildly inefficient to run hubs faster than that anyway.

Did you ride the raptor 2?

I am just looking for something with torque and 28-30 mph will be fine. Will test it to see if I like hubs more than belt driven

i rode the R2 and i liked it. That thing is nasty at 10S. I want to build on those hubs at 12S because i’m pretty sure they’ll do well over 30.

Pretty sure an R2 could be modified for 12S3P since its already got 40 cells in it. 36 cells and a new BMS would make that board destroy everything.

Yes! Exactly, i am well conformed with the performance of those in the r2. I am just looking for something similar

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Yep rode the R2 for a good while during a group ride, loved it. Those hubs are huge though and I don’t imagine it takes as much power to drive as smaller ones.

There is nothing out there even comparable to the R2’s hubs right now. Nothing.

But that’s only because Carvon’s V3’s aren’t available yet. At that point, there will be some serious competition between hub and direct drives.

at $158 dollars though the ones @Jinra linked look pretty good.


What about the carvon v4?

v4’s are v3’s

Ahhh okay cool

Yea what about the Carvon V4 with SixShooters from @psychotiller?

I have the emf hubs. Still in the box. If you’re interested

pics and spec?