WTB: parts for Trampa [EU]


So I’ve recently got myself a Trampa board with vertigo trucks :smiley: image

This is gonna be my first build. I’ve already pre-ordered a untiy focbox and my plan is to make a 12s5p-7p. I’ve heard Samsung 30q is the battery to go for tourqe and 20700B for range but these have less tourqe? I want minimum real 40 km range.

I also do got a enertion remote control.

Due to the model I got I’m thinking of having a box in in the middle so I’m in need of that. I would also need a smaller box for the rear part for the focbox unity.

I’m looking for direct drive with or without motors or a belt system.

I’d love to hear your thoughts of Kaly.nyc direct drive vs e-toxx pros and cons.

Motors I’m planing to buy is the SK3 or SK8 190 kv.

Let me know what you got to sell! My plan is to finish the board by march or earlier.

I appreciate all the tips you got for me aswell! :slight_smile:


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Look for pelican cases, they waterproof and you can get them in different sizes. If you a bit into 3D design you can make your own box/mount for the unity. If you don’t have a 3D printer you can look at 3D hubs for printing or ask me if it’s not too expensive to ship to you I can print you your design in petg.

Etoxx vs. Kaly I don’t have any from them but i‘m sure they both great. Etoxx you can get in 4:1 and 5:1 and with helicals for more silent ride plus different colors. The kaly till now is only in 4:1 available. For both you need to sent your hanger for machining just in case you didn’t know that.

If you want to go off road maybe think about to go a bit lower in the kV. 130-170 gives you more tourqe.

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Stupid question: Where can I find the spacers and speed rings for those superstar hubs? Preferably USA. Sorry for being off topic, I just got a urban curver with etoxx mini gear drive. here I am following this post.

Just cut a piece of pipe for the spacer and speed rings on ebay/ local stores (washers)

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Thanks!!! Oh I did not know that I had to send in my hanger? Then Kaly.nyc would be harder due to my location Sweden.

Where are you located? Shipping would be to Sweden :slight_smile:

Regarding the torque I would like something similiar to Raptor 2 and with that top speed of around 50 km/h :slight_smile:

Alright, that’s easy and convenient. I can do that, how long should I cut to put it between two bearings?

Not really sure, maybe its on trampas site If you don’t find anything i will measure mine

I just found them on trampa’s website. Thank you for your time!

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Actually you doesnt send in your hanger to Kaly, only e-toxx. Kaly’s gear drive comes with an precision milled CNC hanger. :grinning:

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So I change my hanger for his? :slight_smile:

Yes, exactly. Also, the drives comes pre-installed on the hanger too, so its a bit less work.

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Following I want to do the same with mine

That pretty much settles it then :slight_smile: I hope they get restocked soon enough!

Hello bro I have a tb trampa motormount on sale for 180usd1

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You couldn’t ship to me :sweat_smile:

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Sorry;( I tried it

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I‘m from Russia, so shipping shouldn’t be too much. As min we not far away from each other :sweat_smile: I need to sent some other packets on the weekend anyhow, so I can ask what it would cost.

Sorry about that wrong information about the hanger and the kaly drive. He also machine his hangers, so that’s why I thought you need to send your. The thing is that trampa refused to sell hangers to etoxx and kaly. So if kaly now out of stock he will probably only deliver when his own hanger (on which he is working at the moment) is ready and produced. I was looking for the kaly drive in the very beginning and shipping to Russia was about 100$…that’s what made me to not to order…you can check shipping on his website. Idk what it would be to Sweden. I personally would go with an etoxx gear drive. It’s more close to your location and @Nowind does a good job in customer support :sweat_smile: so if you have any questions he usually can explain you everything, plus shipping will be probably only the half or so.

You can calculate your top speed here http://calc.esk8.it/#{“batt-type-lipo”:0,“batt-cells”:12,“motor-kv”:170,“system-efficiency”:85,“motor-pulley-teeth”:10,“wheel-pulley-teeth”:40,“wheel-size”:200}|

With 170kV and 1:4 you up to 58km/h on 8“ wheels and 12s. So you could even go more low with your kV


If I’m correct the cost for etoxx would be 525 plus 150 for Helical Gears so total 675 euro for that package plus shipping.

Maybe get the Helical gears after but then it costs 295 euro?

The price scares me a bit tbh but I’m still thinking of it.

Btw regarding the unity box, I got a friend with a 3d printer if you got the file for it to sell? How sturdy is that box?

How’s your build? :slight_smile:

Best to write @nowind and ask him about pricing etc. maybe you can get the gear drive directly with helical instead of the usual gear and than don´t need to pay the full 150€. But I don´t know as I didn´t bought one from him before.

I didn´t designed a box for the unity yet. I don´t have a unity so there was no need for it. I meant you can design your own if you a bit into 3D designing :wink: I can look if I have a time I can design you a box or mount for the unity. shouldn´t be a big problem. just need the hole pattern of the unity and need to know if there is a need for you to have parts from the unity exposed or it should be just a simple box.

Edit: and you will not need to pay for any STL files… I can just share it, no problem. Just don´t wait that it will be perfect as I don´t have the unity here to take exact messurements.

here my build log :wink:

hope this weekend i get all my motors ready and installed and can maybe do the first test trip in 4wd conifguration :smile:

Your thinking like me, I wanna be able to ride our Swedish winters! Damn 4 awd :ok_hand:

What battery config are you going?

I’m not at all into 3d design :sweat_smile: I would appreciate it alot if you could help with that casing!

I’m gonna check your build later tonight when I wake up :+1:

Edit: I sent a email to Jens at etoxx :slight_smile:

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