WTB: parts for Trampa [EU]

yeah no problem, take your time! you can sent me a pm and then speak about the case etc.

I´m using 2x 6s heavy duty 5000mAh lipos from hobby king. out of 2 Lipos I get around 8-12km with chains on 2WD. That´s why I have now 8 of these packs :wink:

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I’m selling a 3dservisas 1:5 in-gear direcr drive for cheap if you want it.



Pelican 1200 Case With Foam (Black) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0002INQT2/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_-pt5BbC7WGJP2

I put a 12s7p in this guy with room to spare to put in a diebiems. Fits, but I went with charge only bms eventually


What’s the cost for this? Edit: how durable are they? :slight_smile:

Really nice build you got going! How did you get the battery box stuck? Screwed it on the board? :slight_smile:

Thx! I wanted to bolt them first but than realized that velcron hold so strong that it’s more than enough. So I just made 3x 3cm stripes of velcron over the board and the same on the battery box

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You think it be enough with the bigger battery pack?

Believe me, I try to avoid to take off the boxes because the velcron is so strong that i‘m afraid one day I will rather break them than to get it off :sweat_smile: I was skeptical before too, but really no need for it. Just get good heavy duty velcron and all is good

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I can’t speak to how durable they are since I only used them to test them out, but kugelis used them as his daily driver for at least 500km.

Im selling them for 200usd, shipping included

Isn’t the lipo more expensive than 18650?

I think I’ve calculated it wrong maybe :sweat_smile: I wanna be able to ride atleast 30-40 km. So my thought was getting 12s6p 30q cells. Do get the same range I would need 12s4p with your lipo and that would cost like double the price? (799 wh vs 888 wh)

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It was just more convenient for me at one point. As i have two trampa i can easy interchange the packs and one I want as light as possible. Two 6s packs only 1.6kg and makes it more easy for jumps etc. If you want to have that huge range, definitely go with the LiIon pack. Just make sure you take care that it’s made right and save.

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What I’ve read lipo should be the cheaper option? :sweat_smile: Also lighter, seems like I had wrong :sweat_smile:

Btw, looks like I’ll be getting E-toxx :+1:

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Well li-ion is cheaper if you make the packs yourself i guess. Keep in mind that you want a good BMS if you build your own Li-ion pack. 100A continious BMS is what i got on my 12s5p. Those cost around 80-100€ or so.

If you are going to usr 4:1 gear ratio 150 KV motors would be perfect for you, it will give a theoretical top speed of 52 kph.

I just so happen to have two sk8 149 kv 6374 motors that i will replace with 192kv motors since my gear ratio is 6:1. Higher KV means that i will br able to play around more with my gear ratio since i use belt drive. I guess you dont change gears with the directdrive setup?

In that case i could sell my 149kv motors to you, they have around 30-40km so basicly brand new. I’m also located in sweden :slight_smile:

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For the lipos I use a 12s 5000mAh 60c I pay around 130€ for 222Wh That‘s 0,58€ per Wh if my math is right 12s1p is 1,6kg so 7,2g per Wh

If you buy 30q cells from nkon with tax it’s about 3,20€ for one cell 38,4€ for a 12s1p with 129Wh That‘s 0,29€ per Wh if my math is right (Calculation without additional costs like nickel, heatshrink, silicon wire etc.) 12s6p should be around 3,6kg (cells weight only) And 774Wh so 4,65g per Wh

You also need to consider that the charge cycle life of a lipo usually shorter than liIon.

So all over the 18650s are King.

Just for me it was more comfortable in that moment as I promised my girlfriend not to mess with batteries at home till I found a workshop. Lipos are nice as you have 80% of the time nearly the same voltage and with it the same top speed. While with LiIon the voltage drops nearly linear (depends for sure also your cut off) and with it also your top speed.

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I don’t notice any voltage sag until my battery hits like 20% and even then it performces really well. I think i put my cutoff pretty high at 38-40 volts something something.

Do you know if it is possible to switch from li-ion 12s to lipo 12s on the go? Or is configuration in vesc needed? Would be pretty cool to have the li-ion pack mounted for normal rides and when extended range is needed i could carry some 6s lipos in a bag and just mount them with some velcro on top of the battery box and switch the battery cable to the lipos when more range is needed

I didn’t speak about sag. The voltage just slowly goes down more or less linear from 4.2-3v with LiIon. With lipos you stay longer in the 3.7-3.9v area but also cut off more early at 3.4-3.5v.

The thing you explained will be my next year summer battery pack. I have a enclosure for unter deck mount and i‘ll Fill it up with 12s5p. The vescs mounted on top of the deck. Out of the enclosure will come only a xt90 so it’s easy to swap the LiIon pack to the lipo pack mounted on the top. You can change the cut off voltage with different apps. Or just set it to 3.5 start and 3.4 end and you good for lipos and LiIon. Oooor you can just add an lipo alarm to your lipo packs and as soon as it starts pieping you will know your packs are empty


Can have 1:4 or 1:5 gear, how much would you sell them for? :slight_smile:

The only thing is that these are loud as hell so if you mind noise its not your cup of tea :slight_smile: But otherwise they are unkillable :slight_smile:

We also have 2 other options :slight_smile:

FatBoy SS 1:5 the biggest bad ass gear drive right now in market in my opinion, I am running it with 80100 motors and 130A battery. Survived hard brakings and real off road bicycle track :slight_smile: But if used with normal motors up to 8085 it has best motor mounting solution sitting on the rail which not allows motor to get out of alignment of gears (keeps meshing in best position). Impact resistance casing, newest technology nylon based gears for least friction and longest live (wear resistance) and all other improvements to support 2kg motors and 9" wheels :slight_smile:


also available in black on order :slight_smile:

and the street version which is more than enough if you ride on streets and occasionally some dirt/grass :slight_smile:


if you’re gonna use 150kv motors i think 1:4 will be the best option. as said that should give you about 52 kph top speed and still plenty of torque.

how about 1300 SEK for the pair? since they are like 2 weeks old i think that’s a fair price.

before i sell them i just want to make sure that the 190kv motors are okay for off-roading, with a 1:6 ratio they should be but i wanna be confident in that before i sell my current motors. The new ones should arrive between monday/tuesday next week if you could wait a couple of days? :slight_smile:

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Sounds fair, there is no rush. I plan to finish by April/March :+1: