[WTS] All New: FOCBOX Unity; 6x2 wheels + tires + sprockets; Torque Board 218mm extended trucks

Hey everyone, I’ve gotten out of the hobby unfortunately :pensive: and want to part out some components I had bought a little over a year ago for a build. All of these are new and unused. Shipping inside of continental USA is included; international shipping can be negotiated. Payment via PayPal please.

  1. FOCBOX Unity: $325 shipped This item is unused (open box) and frankly untested but it does have its QC/QA checked approve sticker on it. It is being sold As Is.

  1. Torque Boards 218mm extended trucks: $50 shipped Unused, I may have mounted to test fit so there are circular scratches on the screw holes but those will be covered up when you assemble your board.

  1. 6x2 Ali Express wheel kit + mishrasubhransu adapter + gears: $100 shipped This one is a bit more complicated. It’s a full pair of the 6x2 tires and wheels from Ali Express ($80 value new + requires shipping from China), an adapter from this thread: Cheap Ass 6x2 Pneumatic Belt Setup. 3D printed Pulley/ Vex Versa Pulley. Thingiverse link in post #534 (~$10 value) and the required sprocket/gear set (see thread as well) to make them work (I THINK these were like $40 shipped)… so total value here is $130 bucks. I’ll also include 2x 5M 340 belts which I think are the correct size for this set.


Interested and messaged!

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The wheel system (item #3) has been sold. Unity and trucks are still available!

Extended trucks (item #2) have been sold. Unity still available. Thanks!

bumping! Unity is still available

All parts sold, mods please close thread. Thanks!

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